SIU Edwardsville at Iowa Quotes

Nov. 26, 2010

Recap | Box Score

Head Coach Lennox Forrester

Overall thoughts on SIU’s performance…
“We have to be able to compete better than we did tonight. Turnovers killed us. Offensive rebounds definitely killed us because we gave them second chances. Twenty-nine turnovers to 12 assists, you know, that’s just bad on our part. I thought we just played soft. We just played soft both offensively and defensively and we just have to do a better job getting ready for a game like this. We’re playing Iowa and in this atmosphere we need to be fired up to play and we just didn’t have enough guys fired up to play tonight.”

How does a team like Iowa and this atmosphere prepare your team for the remaining schedule?
“I thought Iowa’s coaches are doing a great job of carrying those guys. Those guys are pretty tough both mentally and physically in the way they pass, the way they shoot it, they make excellent passes and they make the right reads. They’re just a great basketball team and Coach McCaffery is doing a good job of building something special here at Iowa.”

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