Iowa Postgame Quotes

Dec. 21, 2010

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Iowa Postgame Quotes

G, Eric May

On teammate Jarryd Cole playing through his sickness

“He got some really big rebounds for us, especially offensive boards, which we were struggling to get in the first half. We owe some huge plays to him. His performance shows how much he cares for the team. He could have easily said he didn’t want to play and stay at home, but instead, he came to play and did phenomenal.”

On being ranked near the bottom of the Big Ten

“We don’t focus much on the rankings. I’m excited for our next games coming because there are a lot of good teams in the Big Ten. I’m looking forward to playing them. Every game is going to be a battle, which is what I’m looking forward to.”

G, Matt Gatens

On feeling on track with shooting and his hand recovery

“I am feeling better and have more confidence. I’m catching the ball cleaner without as much padding on my hand. These days off will definitely help out. Not playing and not practicing will definitely be good for it.”

On where the team is at after the first twelve games

“We are making strides. We have to keep getting better in practice because we have a tough schedule coming up with a great team next week. It’s important that every game we keep getting better and keep our heads up when things go bad, and keep fighting.”

Louisiana Tech Head Coach Kerry Rupp

On turnovers at crucial times

“We’ve got to take care of the basketball and it really seemed like a lot of the turnovers we had led directly to their baskets. Then you look at the stat sheet again and they have us at 38.5% [from the field] and I thought at times we did some good things, but where we were bad offensively is when we got to where we were standing and weren’t moving and having good movement and those are the things we struggled with and we’ve just got to get back to work. Again, they’re a good team and they kept at it and they did a good job of not beating themselves. They played very very smart. They did a great job in the second half I thought going to the offensive boards, relieving themselves on the boards; did a great job of really turning the table on us there. Those are the things we kind of talked about that we’ve got to correct. We’ve got to get better at. And, those are the things that will take you out of a game and those are the things that help you win games, blocking out, rebounding, getting to the offensive boards to help ourselves. Taking offensive board opportunities and put-backs away from them and taking care of the basketball is a big thing. All things we’ve got to work on.

On points off turnovers being a difference maker

“Exactly. Not when you’re in someone else’s house on their court. Again you’ve got to do that [convert points off turnovers] and then when you get to the free throw line. They got there 24 times and we got there 14 and those are just the things I look at. Then I look at the field goal percentage, defense, I look at the boards, look at how many times we got to the free throw line. The board differential, and I thought we were leading in that, but we were minus two at the end of the game. Those are all the little tough things in games that we’ve got to correct and got to get better on.”

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