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Jan. 12, 2011

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Northwestern at Iowa Post-Game Quotes

Northwestern Coach Bill Carmody:

Opening Statement:
“We haven’t played too well here in the past. It started out 4-0 and I thought ‘oh boy here we go again.’ They got two offensive rebounds in the first two plays and then we started knocking down some shots. I wouldn’t say it was bad defense because everyone gets those kinds of shots. Every team does no matter what kind of offense you are running. Tonight was just one of those nights where we were knocking them down. A week ago we went down to Champaign and they were knocking down every shot and went way ahead because our defense was so bad. Tonight was one of those nights where it was our turn to make shots. It was good to see Crawford get back in the flow of things because he has been struggling a little bit. I thought it was a good team effort and I liked our defense in the first half. After the first 15 minutes we couldn’t contain Cartwright all night long. He is like a one man beast beating us down the court. We managed to hang in there and it was good for us to get the ball moving cause we haven’t had too many opportunities.”

On ball movement the first-half and having open shots
“People say that but I bet you look at the film and we had open shots we didn’t take. Every game you run this offense and that offense but at the end of the day somebody has the ball open. The teams that are good have a bunch of guys that can knock them down and tonight we had a few different guys that were making the shots.”

On Crawford struggling
“I think I have been too easy on the guy. I haven’t been demanding enough from him. I always say he has to get his nose in there. I don’t want him to be a suburban jump shooter, I want him to stuff the stat sheet. I always tell him to get six or seven rebounds, get two blocked shots and get three steals because he is capable of it. I don’t know if he stuffed it tonight but I know he did make shots. “

Iowa player quotes

Center Jarryd Cole:

On Northwestern’s three-point shooting success:
“It was impeccable, that’s one way to put it. They came out and had nine or ten three’s in the first half and ended up with about fourteen. You can’t give up offensive power to a team that is good at shooting three-pointers like that. It’s hard to win when a team makes ten three’s a game, let alone fourteen. It was pretty much impossible to overcome that.”

On not coming out with energy for the game:
“We came out flat. Our effort wasn’t there and that hurt us a lot. It hurt us in the Purdue game, it hurt us tonight and we can’t come out back-to-back games like that and expect to win. I don’t know what it’s going to take to get our effort up, but we are definitely going to have to look in the mirror, check ourselves, and hold ourselves accountable. Hopefully we can get that covered and get ready for Sunday.”

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