Post-game Quotes

Sept. 3, 2011

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On Iowa:
“If you’re not going to win a game like this, it’s fantastic to come and play a team that does it the right way. They know how to win games. They don’t make mistakes, they stay patient and they hang in there. I’ve watched Iowa the 12 years Kirk has been here and all last year. They’re not very complicated, they just don’t make mistakes. They make you beat them. I hope our players can learn a lot from the Iowa kids because that’s exactly how I teach our players to win games. It’s not the big plays all of the time. It’s consistent football and then it will start balancing your way as time goes on. Give Iowa credit, I think they are going to have a good year, have a good team.”

On the Iowa Defense:
“Better on defense then I thought. You lose the three guys they lost, their still very good. They’re so unbelievably good that they can walk out to you in spread sets. They walk out to everyone and stop you with five guys in the box. Their defensive front five, the four down lineman and the middle linebacker, they are just good players. They get pad levels, they don’t get knocked around and yet they can walk out like that. When you can walk out and cover up every head and you don’t have to worry about the run from tackle to tackle, it’s hard. If you saw, anytime we moved the ball it was a meticulous three, four and five. That’s because of the style they play. They walk out to you and they don’t take chances.”

How much of a factor was the rain?
“Rain’s rain. Both of us play in it. It’s easy to sit here and say their style of play would fit in better, but no. Both of us do it. We better learn, if our style of play can’t handle rain you better be doing a whole lot of praying every week that it doesn’t happen to us. I don’t think the rain had any effect on the game.”

On the two interceptions:
“We were moving the ball a little bit, but that’s Iowa, that’s what they do. They think you’ll make a mistake before you can get it all the way down there and we did. We did it twice. The first one was the pass rush got is Tre Lamb’s face and Adam Urbano thought one thing, Tre thought another, it was an execution thing. Adam kind of saw a linebacker playing him tight in man and broke out and Tre thought he was going to hook up. Just part of learning to be more consistent. The second one was just a beautiful play by their corner. Tre laid it up thinking our guy could get it; it was one on one on the boundary over there. He out jumped us for the ball and then we can’t tackle him and get him on the ground. I thought that one was just a beautiful play.”

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