Hawkeyes Find the Beach in Freeport

Nov. 23, 2011

Hawkeyes in The Bahamas – Day 2 Photo Gallery

FREEPORT, Bahamas — Beach parties and snorkeling took center stage in Day 2 of activities at the Junkanoo Jam for the University of Iowa women’s basketball team.

The Hawkeyes had their first practice in The Bahamas at 9 a.m. before returning to the resort for an afternoon of activities. First up was a beach party for the team, complete with jet skis, kayaks, banana boat rides and a water trampoline. Most team members took turns gliding through the ocean on jet skis before going back out into the Atlantic Ocean on the banana boat.

After the beach party, the team went on a two-hour snorkeling trip in a coral reef by the resort. The boat that took the team snorkeling also had a water slide and rock climbing wall that most players used on the ride home.

Wednesday night plans include a team meal at a local restaurant and more time to enjoy the stunning views from the beach. Iowa’s Thanksgiving Day plans tomorrow will include another practice and more team activities on the beach.

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