Hyde, Hawkeyes Finding Routines For Game Week

Post-Practice Interview With M. Hyde

IOWA CITY, Iowa — One of the biggest thoughts surrounding college football is that teams improve the most between week one and week two. Senior Micah Hyde has been around the Iowa football program enough to see that happen and is expecting it to show on the field Saturday against Iowa State.

Hyde is big on routines during game week. The team, especially first year players, build routines during the first week. The second week is more about settling in to that schedule.

“You want to get your routine down and find out what you need to get done before the game Saturday,” Hyde said about the first week of the season. “It takes a lot of preparation.

“Once you get that routine down, week two is much smoother. You feel more prepared in that second week.”

One of Hyde’s biggest steps in his game week routine is tending to academic obligations on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. That leaves the back end of his schedule open to prepare for Saturday.

“You try to get your school work done early in the week,” Hyde said. “Closer to game day, you can watch more film and be more prepared for your opponent. It’s all about the routine.”

One thing that never gets old for Hyde is playing in front of a sold out Kinnick Stadium. Hyde has played in numerous home games throughout his career, but the feeling of playing in the first home game of the season has him excited about Saturday.

“I think we are all excited to get back in front of our home crowd,” Hyde said. “These 70,000 fans; they go crazy. It’s a tough place to play for a visiting team. We know that our fans are going to come ready to cheer and we are going to use that to our advantage.”

To watch an interview with Micah Hyde following Wednesday’s practice, click the link on the top of the story.