Battle 4 Atlantis News Conference

Nov. 27, 2013

Coach Fran McCaffery:
“We’ve been working. We got here yesterday, went to practice, practiced off site, went back and had a terrific meal together. Approaching this thing, we want these guys to have some fun. It’s one of the most amazing venues we’ve ever been to.”

“We want to have fun, and at the same time we realize the quality of this field and the challenges before us. We are approaching this as a business trip.”

“Xavier is a team that is very impressive on film. I’ve been impressed with how they’ve played, they’ve mixed their young guys in with their experienced guys; they’re fast, deep and big. They play with a very physical style. For us, it’s certainly a challenge that we look forward to and understand what’s before us.”

Xavier vs. Tennessee “(Xavier) has been impressive… the thing that has been impressive to me is how many guys they have playing well. They’re a team that will challenge our defense in a lot of ways.”

“We’re going to compete and do it the right way. Ultimately, (we want to) be a team that has aspirations to compete at a national level and remain there. I think that’s the challenge. It’s one thing to get there, it’s another thing to remain there.”

Roy Devyn Marble: “We prepared in the off season. Of course, our trip to Europe helped… we’re playing well right now. This is what we need, and I think we are ready to step up to the challenge.”

“I think this team is ready for that (to make a big statement). We have confidence in our ability and hopefully we can continue to play like that and show you tomorrow.”

“I’m used to seeing (Atlantis) on commercials… and the next thing I know, we’re going. I’m more intrigued about the playing field than I am about actually being here.”

“It’s being with some of the best teams in the country I’m more excited about. Even if I know I don’t get to do certain things, I know I’ll be able to come back on my own time.”

Aaron White:
“We’re definitely excited and looking forward to it. Not only this tournament, but we have Notre Dame and Iowa State coming up. I’m really looking forward to it.”

“It has been a journey for all of us. We want to compete with the top teams, this year and going forward. That’s what we’re here to do.”