Lisa Bluder Postgame News Conference Transcript

Dec. 7, 2014


Lisa Bluder: I was really happy with the way we bounced back. We got it handed to us on Thursday at Louisville, and obviously you can tell how a team handles adversity and how they bounce back from that, and we had two really good practices, two very intense and focused practices preparing us for today, and I thought we were in control. I thought we were in control most of this game. Our team got its swagger back. They looked confident on the floor, which I love to see.

Bethany has a double double; she’s had three now this year. We’ve asked her to do a better job on the boards and she’s responded. She’s done that.

Melissa shot the ball well from three point range tonight. That’s always nice to see.

But it was a good team win, and it was a good crowd win. We had over 6,000 people here. I thought they were wonderful coming out to support us today, and we really appreciate it and hope they’ll come back on Thursday.


Q. Talk about how encouraging is it after not playing as well as you would like down in Louisville to come out and really kind of control the game for 40 minutes against a really good team.
Lisa Bluder:
Yeah, again, that just shows you what kind of team you have. It shows you what kind of leadership you have. I thought our seniors did a tremendous job getting everybody refocused after that game. Nobody was hanging their head the next morning. Everybody was ready to go to work again, and I think that’s a great sign. You’re going to have losses. I mean, it’s going to happen the rest of their lives, so they might as well get used to bouncing back after it, and they did.

Q. Could you take me through the last couple days with Sam as far as what you did, what was done to kind of get her back up to speed?
Lisa Bluder:
Yeah, really she just didn’t do a whole lot. She did not practice the last two days at all, but we did spend a lot of time in the training room. I mean, Jennie Sertterh, our athletic trainer, really did a great job working with her and just trying to heal the sprain. It just takes time, and we’ll probably take it easy on her again this week so that she’ll be full at 100 percent on Thursday.

Q. Was it an MCL?
Lisa Bluder:

Q. So what’s kind of the long term thing?
Lisa Bluder:
She’ll be fine. It should heal back together with time. Takes a little longer because she’s in season, but in time it should be back. She won’t be wearing that brace for the whole season or anything like that.

Q. This is a rivalry that it seems like the home team always wins and usually wins pretty comfortably. How big is it to be playing that one here on Thursday?
Lisa Bluder:
Well, I hope that’s true, again. I hope that happens. But yeah, I mean, it’s been big; home court is important. I hope we have a great crowd. Fans on both sides are very passionate about this rivalry. I know our players will be ready to go. We got beat at their place last year, but I thought we played a really good first half at their house last year. Obviously they’re a good team. They’ve lost one game on the year. They’ll come in with a lot of confidence, and they will have them ready to go. There’s no doubt. We don’t expect to win just because it’s on our home court. We know we’re going to have to come out and earn it.

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