UI Athletics Department Plans for Warm Day at Kinnick

Sept. 3, 2015

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IOWA CITY, Iowa — Fans planning on attending Saturday’s University of Iowa football home opener against Illinois State in Kinnick Stadium are encouraged to take extra precautions due to the excessive heat and humidity that is forecast in eastern Iowa.

The following adjustments and precautions will be in place at historic Kinnick Stadium or have been made for the safety of fans attending Saturday’s game.

  • Cooling stations will be available at all corners of the stadium. These will be equipped with tents for shade, misting stations, and cold towels.
  • Fans will be allowed to bring into the stadium more than one sealed bottle of water.
  • Fans can purchase bottled water for a reduced price of $2 inside the stadium.
  • Fans can bring in into the stadium an empty reusable water bottle and refill at the drinking fountains or water machines located in the cooling stations.
  • Additional paramedics will be on-site and on-call.
  • Carver-Hawkeye Arena, the UI Recreation Building, and the UI Field House all open at 8 a.m.
Fans will be allowed to bring into the stadium more than one sealed bottle of water on Saturday when Iowa entertains Illinois State.

To protect their health when temperatures and humidity are high, fans are reminded to remember to keep cool and use common sense. The following tips are useful and important:

  • Increase fluid intake, regardless of your activity level.
  • Begin hydrating several days before game day… 1-3 bottles of water Thursday and Friday will help immensely come game day.
  • If you are experiencing a lot of sweating, replace salt and minerals by eating foods like bananas, or drink rehydrating beverages that contain salts and electrolytes such as sports drinks, and special rehydration fluids.
  • Choose lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing and wear sunscreen. Saturday is the annual “Be Bold, Wear Gold” game at historic Kinnick Stadium. Strongly consider wearing gold, yellow, or white short sleeve shirt.
  • Tailgate responsibly.
  • Wear a hat or similar item that shades your face.
  • Stay in the shade or air conditioned areas as much as possible.
  • Work or play at a slower pace if you are not used to working or exercising in heat and humidity. Stop your activity immediately if you get dizzy, nauseated, or feel weak. Also, if you feel this way, go to an air conditioned space and drink cool liquids.
  • Use the “buddy system.” Watch others for heat-induced illness, since some people may not realize that they are suffering heat-related illnesses and can become confused or lose consciousness.
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