Postgame Quotes vs. Notre Dame

Nov. 28, 2015

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Iowa Head Coach Fran McCaffrey
“It was very similar to last night’s game. We made a bunch of shots early, then the offense wasn’t clicking, the defense was not what it needed to be against a team of this caliber. Fall behind. Get it figured out. Ratchet up the defensive intensity. Get some stops. Get some momentum. Take the lead after being down 15. And then proceeded to let them score like four or five straight possessions. That’s what’s disappointing, because I thought we fought hard enough to win the game. We did enough good stuff to be in a position to win the game. We couldn’t close it out.”

“I think we really were settling for 3’s, because they came so easy early. We’re 6-for-24. Not a good percentage. I can’t remember that many that you could say ‘That was an awful shot.’ We seemed to be open. But we’ve got to be able to mix it a little better. Drives. Post feeds. Threes. We really didn’t do that. We just kind of kept jacking. We hit a couple, that helped us get back in it, and then we turned around and missed a few more. We’ve got to diversify the offense a little bit.”

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