Hawkeyes Add 28 to 2016 Recruiting Class

Recruiting Class Shines Light on Hawkeyes Future | 3 More Hawkeyes Join Recruiting Class

IOWA CITY, Iowa — The University of Iowa track and field program announced Thursday that 13 men and 15 women have joined the Hawkeyes 2016 recruiting class.
The 28 incoming student-athletes join the 27 newcomers that committed to Iowa in the fall. In total, UI director of track and field Joey Woody will introduce 55 new Hawkeyes to the program in 2016.
The spring commitments include 14 distance runners, six sprinters/hurdlers, four jump and multi-event athletes, three middle-distance runners, and one thrower.
Anthony Chaidez – Middle Distance – Sylmar, California (Notre Dame)
800 meters: 1:51.97
1,600 meters: 4:21.92  
Coach Jason Wakenight on Chaidez: “Anthony is an unreal a competitor. He wants to win and take himself to the highest levels of track and field. He is one of the most talented mid-distance runners I have ever recruited and to run 1:51 as a football player says so much about his upside. I think he is going to be right on the heels of our all-time greats chasing after school records and national honors. I can’t wait to coach him this fall; he’s going to be special.”
Grace Coen – Distance – Newton, Iowa (Newtown)
800M – 2:17.25
1,500m – 4:40.45
3,000m – 10:12.18
 Coach Layne Anderson on Coen: “Grace arrives with tremendous credentials, but a variety of setbacks over the past year give us both real optimism for immediate improvement at the collegiate level.  There is no doubting her desire to excel and she has all the qualities needed to soar to incredible heights for years to come.  Our goal in recruiting is to attract the top local talent and Grace certainly helps us achieve that goal.”
Brandon Cooley – Distance – Bettendorf, Iowa (Bettendorf)
1,600 meters: 4:20.78
Coach Layne Anderson on Cooley:  “Brandon is an in-state runner who appears on the verge of some exciting performances.  Over time I see his potential at the collegiate level being something that leads to great success.”
Kelli DeGeorge – Multi Events – Bettendorf, Iowa (Pleasant Valley)
High Jump:  5′ 8.5″
Coach Molly Jones on DeGeorge: “I am very excited to add Kelli to the Hawkeye Family.  She has had a lot of success in Iowa as a multi-sport athlete and Drake Relays and state champion, but one of my favorite things about her is her personality.  Kelli brings an infectious energy to everything that she does and I look forward to working with her next year.”
Claire Dupuis – Distance – Gilbert, Iowa (Ames)
XC 5,000 meters: 18:26
1,500 meters: 4:43.31
3,000 meters: 10:24.83
Coach Layne Anderson on Dupuis:  “Claire enjoyed a great senior season and like so many of our newcomers has great potential at the collegiate level.  Her performance last fall in cross country really opened my eyes to her vast potential.  The only thing needed for her is time, work, and favorable luck as she sets off on what will be an incredible Hawkeye career.”
Maria Eastman – Distance – Victoria, Minnesota (Holy Family Catholic)
Coach Layne Anderson on Eastman: “Maria adds great depth to our distance group and the upside for her as a collegiate runner is unlimited.  She will have the thrill of competing against her sister who runs for the University of Minnesota.  It is unclear with the addition of the longer distance events where the future will take her, but I know the drive and desire to improve will be cornerstone to her success. ”         
Max Ford – Throws – Macomb, Illinois (Macomb High School/ Western Illinois)
Javelin:  62.90m
Coach Andrew Dubs on Ford: “Max is transferring to Iowa after finishing his engineering degree from Western Illinois. He will be purusing a second engineering degree from Iowa.  He is a tremendous student and all-around athlete and we look for Max to make an immediate impact at the Big Ten and NCAA levels.”
Lauren Gibbs – Distance – Mililani, Hawaii (Mililani)
XC 5,000 meters: 18:40
Third place in 3,000 meters
Coach Layne Anderson on Gibbs:  “Lauren is near and dear to my heart as like myself she is a military dependent.  She has promised to bring Hawaii weather to Iowa when she comes and a spirit of daily improvement.  With her background and the opportunity to run the 5k and 10k down the road she is someone who has great potential for growth.”
Jake Gourley – Sprints – Eagan, Minnesota (Eagan/Minnesota State)
60 meters: 6.79
100 meters: 10.58
200 meters: 21.57
Coach Joey Woody on Gourley: “Jake will be a transfer student-athlete who’s sprint times currently rank in the top 15 in the Big Ten.  Jake’s entire family are Hawkeyes, and we are extremely excited that he will be able to compete in the Iowa uniform over the next three years.  I believe Jake has the talent and determination to become one of the best sprinters in the Big Ten.”
Julie Hollensbe – Distance – Williamsburg, Iowa (Williamsburg)
1,500 meters:  4:45.40
3,000 meters: 10:26.09
Coach Layne Anderson on Hollensbe:  “It was not until recently that Julie and I connected, but with a Hawkeye legacy she already knew a great deal about the Hawkeyes.  Her recent success at the Drake Relays is a small glimpse of the potential for even greater things in her running career. “
Marlie Houston – Distance – Oconomowoc, Wisconsin (Oconomowoc)
1,600 meters: 5:04.44
Coach Layne Anderson on Houston: “There may not be a runner in the distance group more excited about being a Hawkeye than Marlie.  Our connection in the recruiting process was instantaneous and her potential to develop her total running ability from cross country to track is without limits.  Her spirit is something that will make an immediate impact in our program and I am really excited to work with her in pursuit of her dreams.”
Jasmine Howell – Sprints – Frankfort, Illinois (Lincoln-Way East)
60 meters: 7.83
200 meters: 24.63
Coach Clive Roberts on Howell: “Jasmine has a tremendous upside in her development as a sprinter.  I’m excited to be part of the next chapter in her life.”
Jenny Kimbro – Hurdles – Sidell, Illinois (Salt Fork)
100-meter hurdles: 13.97
300-meter hurdles: 42.57
Coach Joey Woody on Kimbro: “Jenny is a tremendous all-around athlete who won multiple state championships in the long and short hurdles and the long jump.  Jenny is a relentless competitor who will bring an infectious desire to win.  She will be an immediate contributor to our team in both hurdle events and continue our great tradition of Hawkeye hurdlers.”
Tyler Kirkwood – Hurdles – Aurora, Illinois (Waubonsie Valley)
110-meter hurdles: 14.31
60-meter hurdles: 8.12
High Jump: 6′ 5″
Coach Joey Woody on Kirkwood: “Tyler is one of the most versatile athletes in the state of Illinois. He can sprint, hurdle, and jump at a very high level.  Tyler brings the desire and work ethic to be the best and contribute to our team goals of winning the Big Ten championship.  I believe Tyler has the ability to contribute right away in the Big Ten and NCAA in both hurdle events.”
Cooper Koenig – Multi Events – West Branch, Iowa (West Branch)
2016 Drake Relays Champion
Long Jump: 23’5″
200 meters: 22.05
Coach Clive Roberts on Koenig: “I’m so excited to add Cooper to our program.  It’s always exciting to add someone to the program that understands what the Hawkeyes mean to this state.  He will make a fantastic contribution to our horizontal group.”
Hunter Koenigsfeld – Distance – Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Jefferson)
800 meters: 2:18
Coach Layne Anderson on Koenigsfeld:  “Hunter brings an infectious spirit to her start at the University of Iowa.  It was clear throughout the recruitment that her drive for success is a real reason why she will ultimately develop as a collegiate runner.  She has all the physical qualities needed and building her overall running strength will open doors for her. “
Austin Lietz – Middle Distance – Sherman Oaks, California (Notre Dame)
400 meters: 47.66
300-meter hurdles: 38.22
600 meters: 1:21.96
Coach Jason Wakenight on Lietz: “Austin has some freak-level talents that have blown me away since I started recruiting him in the fall. I knew he had some great range but he has taken it to a whole new level this spring. He can run relays, he can hurdle, and he can sprint. When he decided he was coming to Iowa, I was ecstatic. I told him right from the start that he was one of the last and most important pieces to our puzzle as we march towards winning as a team. We want to win Big Ten titles and this guy is going to help make that dream a reality.” 
Haylee Luna – Distance – Dike, Iowa (Dike-New Hartford)
Coach Layne Anderson on Gibbs:  Haylee enjoyed breakout senior year.  She comes from a high school with a great tradition in athletics so she has grown up athletically in an environment of success.  It will be fun to explore her abilities as a runner in a variety of new events and see what the future brings for Haylee. ”        
Matt Manternach – Middle Distance – Monticello, Iowa (Monticello)  
800 meters: 1:52.77
1,600 meters: 4:21.36
Coach Jason Wakenight on Manternach: “Matt is an unbelievable athlete who competes in multiple sports. When I found out he could dunk I was sold on the spot. You won’t find a better mid-distance athlete in the state of Iowa, with a bigger upside. He is going to shock some people when he drops his first big PR. He is right on the doorstep of being nationally elite. I expect him to make huge jumps and have a career that ends up being one of the best ever at Iowa.”
Chase Martin – Multi Events – Houston, Texas (Lamar)
100-meter hurdles: 14.12
300-meter hurdles: 43.40
Coach Molly Jones on Martin:  “We are very excited to have Chase join the Hawkeyes.  She had a lot of success in high school and a work ethic that will take her really far in whatever event she decides to put her mind to, whether it be hurdles or multi events.  I look forward to her positive energy every day in practice.”
Derek Meeks – Distance – Shawnee, Kansas (Mill Valley)
State runner-up 800 meters
Coach Layne Anderson on Meeks: “Derek has a tremendous upside in his development as a middle-distance runner.  It will be exciting to watch him further explore the mile at the collegiate level.  His recruitment happened quickly, but we are certainly excited that he choose to join the Hawkeye family.” 
Nathan Mylenek – Distance – Clarkston, Michigan (Pontiac Notre Dame Prep)
800 meters: 1:55.20
1,600 meters: 4:15.84
3,200 meters: 9:17.60
Coach Layne Anderson on Mylenek: “Nathan comes with a champion’s mentality having won state titles in Michigan, and now he is turning his attention to his Hawkeye career and some lofty goals both academically and athletically. One thing that really jumped out at me in the recruitment of Nathan was the lofty goals he established for this year.  He set the bar high and his ambition and confidence in himself are a big part of his success now and in the future.”
Allison O’Connell – Multi Events – Lake Villa, Illinois (Grayslake North)
100-meter hurdles:  15.13
300-meter hurdles: 48.88
High Jump: 5′ 2″
Coach Molly Jones on O’Connell: “Allie joins our multi-events group next fall and  I am excited to get the group started so that they can train and push each other to flourish over the next four years.”
Luke Sampson – Distance – Little Chute, Wisconsin (Little Chute)
State runner-up cross country
Coach Layne Anderson on Sampson: “A longer distance specialist, Luke adds great depth to our young and developing distance group.  His drive for success is a quality that will lead him to great heights.  A natural leader, his maturity is evident whenever we communicate and he combines that quality with a work ethic second to none.”
Laura Sherman – Sprints – Dubuque, Iowa (Wahlert)
200 meters: 24.97
400 meters: 56.24
Coach Clive Roberts on Sherman:  “Laura will add tremendous depth to our sprint group.  She is a state champion in the 200 meters and I can’t wait to start working with her.”
Karson Sommer – Distance – Bettendorf, Iowa (Pleasant Valley)
800 meters: 1:54.40
1,600 meters: 4:13.16
3,200 meters: 9:13.98
Coach Layne Anderson on Sommer:  “Karson really blossomed his senior year and set himself up for immediate success as a Hawkeye.  A name to watch for the future, he shows a real ability to develop into a tremendous all-around runner.  He is the total package as a National Merit Finalist and is accustomed to competing in all areas of his life.  He is without question one of the top runners in Iowa.”
Macie Weber – Distance – Cascade, Iowa (Cascade)
State runner-up in 800 meters
Coach Layne Anderson on Weber:  “Macie comes from one of the top running programs in the state. Being a winner is a great quality to possess and Macie certainly shows that in all she pursues.  The opportunity for future growth and the drive to soar as a Hawkeye position her well as she begins her career this fall. “
Anthony Williams – Hurdles – Chesapeake, Virginia (Western Branch)
60-meter hurdles: 7.88
110-meter hurdles: 13.62
300-meter hurdles: 36.73
Coach Joey Woody on Williams: “Anthony is another great all around student-athlete who has competed in many different events at a very high level.  Anthony comes from one of the best high school programs in the nation, and has become accustomed to competing for championships every year.   I was extremely excited when he decided to continue his academic and athletic career at Iowa.  Anthony is ranked as the fourth-best senior in the nation in the 110-meter hurdles and the seventh-best senior in the 300-meter hurdles.  Anthony has the ability to contribute right away in both hurdle events at the Big Ten and NCAA level.”