Nicholas Baer Final Blog From Europe


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Hello again! I am Nicholas Baer and I am writing to summarize my trip with the USA East Coast All-Star basketball team, and to conclude what I have learned from my experience.

During the last few days of the trip we focused on touring Milan, and visiting Lake Como. I was in awe of the gothic style of the Duomo di Milano, the largest cathedral in Milan and one of the largest cathedrals in all of Italy. Lake Como provided beautiful scenic views, a lake that is formed between the Grigna Mountains in northern Italy. Getting the chance to see the most beautiful scenery that Italy has to offer was a true blessing, and an experience that I am grateful for. 

We split our final two games in Milan, winning the first game handily and losing the last game in a close battle. The last game reiterated to me, and to my team, how to be a professional; you have to bring your best and be consistent every game. We struggled as a team with consistency, and it led to our demise. We finished the tour going 3-1 while playing against top European competition. 

I pride myself in taking advantage of the opportunities that I am blessed with. This trip to Italy provided me with an experience to represent my country overseas, delve into the great culture of Italy and relationships with my teammates that quickly formed into friendships.

The lessons that I have learned from this trip will stay with me as I move forward in my career. I am thankful for every person who played a part in making this opportunity to play overseas a reality. I thoroughly enjoyed my Italian experience, but I am happy to be home in Bettendorf, where I am preparing for the upcoming season before returning to school.

I took great pride in representing the University of Iowa in Italy. I consumed enough pasta to last me for a few months. My phone needs new storage for my camera roll. I learned how I can become a better basketball player for the University of Iowa. Thank-you, I’ll see you at Carver this fall.

Go Hawks!
Nicholas Baer

Baer narrowly missed a double-double, finishing with nine points, eight rebounds, three assists, and one steal in a 94-75 victory over the Euro Select.  He had six points, nine rebounds, and three steals in an 88-81 loss to Euro/Italia Select.

In four games, Baer averaged 8.5 points, 8.3 rebounds, and two steals.