Hawkeyes Notch Four Top-5 Finishes at Jayhawk Jamboree

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LAWRENCE, Kansas – The University of Iowa women’s rowing team notched four top-5 finishes at the Jayhawk Jamboree on Sunday. The Hawkeyes were led by the Novice 8+ “A” crew who won their event. 
Iowa’s Novice Eight “A” crew won their event with a time of 13:32.28.
Collegiate Women’s Four | The Hawkeyes sent two crews to compete in the Collegiate Women’s Four event. Iowa’s A crew finished eighth with a time of 14:25.31, while Iowa’s B crew finished 29th.
Collegiate Women’s Novice Eight | With the time trial starting format, Iowa’s A crew started the race in the second seeded position about 30 seconds behind last year’s winner, Kansas State. Motivated by the chase, the crew was able to close the gap and finish just a few seats behind the stern deck of Kansas State, ultimately leading to a 24-second win over Kansas State, who finished second in the event. While the Iowa B and C crews finished a bit further back in the pack, both were able to put themselves ahead of the corresponding Kansas B and C crews, who was the only other school to have multiple entries.
Collegiate Women’s Novice Four | The Hawkeyes sent two crews to compete in the Collegiate Women’s Novice Four event. Iowa’s A crew notched a runner-up finish (15:50.23) behind Kanas State. Iowa’s B crew was not far behind, finishing fourth.
Collegiate Women’s Eight | The Hawkeyes sent two crews to compete in the Collegiate Women’s Eight event. Iowa’s A crew finished fifth with a time of 12:55.18 and the B crew finished 8th with a time of 13:13.53.
“Today’s races brought a challenge as we expected. With an 8+ and 4+ representing the team in Boston, we used this opportunity to really challenge the depth of our roster. I would say our two varsity crews walked away pleased with their races but not satisfied. We have some positives we can take away from the race and their fall training, but also know the areas of improvement we can target in order to better position ourselves for the spring.”
“The Novice 8+ stayed on trend of displaying our depth with an exciting win. They’ve had a great start to their rowing careers, but we know the challenge that exists in that category within the Big Ten. The next step in their training will continue to push them out of their comfort zones, but for today, we’ll let them enjoy the win.”
Collegiate Women’s Four
Iowa “A” | 8th | 14:25.31
Z. Marinkovich, G. Kerr, H. Greenlee, R. Canon, L. Justis (coxswain)
Iowa “B” | 29th | 17:44.01
C. Millerd, A. Chamness, T. West, M. Litchfield, E. Pritchard (coxswain)
Collegiate Women’s Novice Eight
Iowa “A” | 1st | 13:32.28
T. Walsh, K. Rygh, M. Willey, K. Jensen, N. Wellenreiter, A. Millerd, E. Schiebe, E. Waiglen, K. Becker (coxswain)
Iowa “B” | 6th | 15:06.78
H. Mentz, N. Majerus, H. Weisensel, S. Fields, K. Paus, L. DeWeese, M. Knoner, K. Thomas, E. Carroll (coxswain)
Iowa “C” | 10th | 15:48.38
A. Varley, E. Keene, M. Grevas, K. Raver, A. Herr, M. Theut, E. Degen, R. Mady, M. Hill (coxswain)
Collegiate Women’s Novice Four
Iowa “A” |2nd | 15:50.23
T. Walsh, K. Jensen, E. Schiebe, K. Rygh, E. Carroll (coxswain)
Iowa “B” | 4th | 16:11.10
R. Mady, H. Mentz, H. Weisensel, M. Willey, K. Becker (coxswain)
College Women’s Eight
Iowa “A” | 5th | 12:55.18
Z. Marinkovich, A. Millerd, N. Wellenreiter, G. Kerr, H. Greenlee, K. Voss, E. Wagilein, R. Canon, L. Justis (coxswain)
Iowa “B” | 8th | 13:13.53
A. Blevins, T. Williams, H. Bluder, P. Przybylsky, A. Koehn, A. Wittmeyer, T. Huerta, K. Gniatczyk, L. Morales (coxswain)