Cook Provides An Update on His Future

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IOWA CITY, Iowa — On Wednesday, University of Iowa sophomore Tyler Cook provided Hawkeye men’s basketball fans an update on his future.
“Playing in the NBA is a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and I am taking full advantage of this opportunity to see where I stand so I can make an informed decision for my future,” Cook said.
The power forward said that rumors of him already having one foot out the door for the NBA are simply not true.
“When I committed here, I made a commitment and I am sticking by that commitment,” Cook said.
Cook said it is still early in the process, but so far it has been a lot of fun and he has learned a lot, not only about how the NBA works, but about himself.
“I am still participating in team drills and doing everything with my teammates,” said Cook. “Later this month is when I can start working out with NBA teams. If I chose, I can also hold a Pro Day. I am still learning about the process.”
Cook, who was honorable mention All-Big Ten selection last season, says feedback from teams and the advisory committee will factor as to whether he stays at Iowa or keeps his name in for the NBA Draft.
“I have two great situations,” Cook said. “Whether I go to the NBA, I will be reaching a dream of mine or coming back for my junior year is not a bad option either. When I have all the information in front of me I will be able to make an informed decision.”
Cook said Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery and the coaching staff have been awesome throughout the process.
“They have done nothing but support and help me,” said Cook. “They have always been there for me as long as I have been here. They are a valuable resource, not just for basketball, but in life, and preparing me for the process of balancing my academics and working out with the teams.”
McCaffery said he wants Cook to make it to the NBA as much as he wants it for himself.
“There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when,” said McCaffery. “Maybe it isn’t this year, but maybe it is. The bottom line is he needs to get feedback, attend workouts, and see how it goes. We are supporting him in his pursuit.”
Cook, who led the team in scoring (15.3) and rebounding (6.8) last season, said he is looking to improve is overall skill set this offseason.
“I want to be more explosive, faster, and quicker,” Cook said. “I am trying to be the best physical athlete I can be. My bread and butter is on the inside, but I need to be a more consistent shooter from anywhere on the floor and be able to handle the basketball in any situation. It’s a skill set any player in my position needs to do be successful at Iowa and the next level.”