Pemsl 100 Percent Invested in Iowa Basketball

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IOWA CITY, Iowa — University of Iowa rising junior Cordell Pemsl said Wednesday that he is “100 percent invested in Iowa.”
Pemsl played in 32 games as a sophomore, averaging 5.7 points and 4.5 rebounds for the Hawkeyes. His scoring production led the Hawkeye reserves. The Dubuque, Iowa, native says that heading into the offseason he wants to show Iowa fans — and himself — that he is a player that can bring a lot to this university.
“On and off the floor I am someone who can be a team leader and show teammates how to do things the right way,” Pemsl said. “Iowa is a place I believe I can grow, not only on the floor, but off the floor.”
Pemsl (6-foot-8, 240 pounds) and his Iowa teammates have started offseason training and everyone has raised their level of intensity.
“It has been exciting for us,” said Pemsl. “We have stepped up our weight training and on-court workouts. There is an improved vibe around the locker room. The guys are getting to work and doing what we need to do to get ready for next season.
“These workouts over the course of the next few weeks, and this summer, are going to be competitive. Everyone is going to work hard, it is going to be a positive atmosphere, and we are going to do whatever it takes to return to our winning tradition.”
Pemsl says he is happy at Iowa and believes he can be a vocal leader in the locker room next season.
“I think I am a likeable teammate who is looked up to by both younger guys and upperclassmen,” Pemsl said. “I try to bring more to the game than just basketball. I try to impact our team in a variety of ways. I believe I can be a guy who can lead this team.”
Pemsl, who has scored in double figures 22 times and shot the basketball at a 56 percent or better clip each of his first two seasons, believes the frontcourt depth on the team can help in a lot of different ways.
“We have a number of bigs who can stretch, handle, and pass the ball,” said Pemsl. “We feel comfortable going into next season and everyone is going to have the opportunity to show not only everyone watching, but themselves as well.”