On the Pool Deck: Lexi Horner

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Lexi Horner is a sophmore on the University of Iowa swimming and diving team. Horner currently sits ninth in the 100 breast (1:03.68) and seventh in the 200 breast (2:18.23) in the Iowa record books. She also leads the team in season bests for both events. 

What goals do you and the team hope to accomplish this year?

“For me, one of my goals is to make it back at night at the Big Ten Championships. For the team, we want to continue to support each other and be there for each other.”
swimming graphicHow has the team transitioned from last year to this year?

“I feel like we gained a lot of good people and people improved. The smaller team size has made us come together and we’re supporting each other more. Being a sophomore, I know more people and I’m closer with them.”
What has been your favorite memory surrounding the team?

“I love it all.”
What is your best advice for this year’s freshmen?

“To be light hearted and not stress about the little things because everything works out in the end.”
What is the best advice you were given by a coach?

“This year I talk with Sarah (Stockwell-Gregson) about goals a lot, and she tells me I swim better when I’m lighthearted and not stressed during the meets or practice. I think that has helped me a lot.”

Who has been the most influential person to you since you came to Iowa?

“My friends Kelsey (Drake) and Sarah (Schemmel) have helped me get out of my shell, but I’d say also Amy (Lenderink) because she’s supportive of everyone and cares so much.”

What made you choose Iowa?

“I loved the team when I came on my visit. It just felt like the place I wanted to be.”

If not swimming, what other sport would you enjoy the most?

“I used to do triathlons and I loved it, but I hated the running part. So maybe I would go back to that.”

What do you do to prepare before meets?

“Before I swim I remind myself of things that are true, like that I am loved and appreciated. Those things make me happy.”

What is your favorite place to be on campus?

“Athletes in Action. I look forward to it every Monday night. But I also love the pool and seeing everyone here.”
Favorite meal?

“Zucchini noodles.”

Who is your favorite person on the team to be around and why?

“Sarah (Schemmel) and Kelsey (Drake) because they make me laugh and when I’m down they always lift me up.”

Favorite Movie?

“The Proposal.”

Favorite Book?

“What Drives Winning.”

Ideal superpower?


Fictional Universe?

“Why not, I’ll do Star Wars.”

Favorite Hobby?

“I like to do crafts.”