Senior Spotlight: Rachel David, Student Manager

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IOWA CITY, Iowa — University of Iowa senior Rachel David has been a part of the gymnastics world her entire life, in particular; her senior year of high school she was a club gymnast under head coach Larissa Libby’s program at Iowa Gymnastics Academy, based in the University of Iowa Fieldhouse.

“This team has helped me feel extremely comfortable in the gym, and in return, I feel as if I have evolved into a more outgoing person since working with Iowa,” David stated about the women’s gymnastics program.

After David’s high school career, she discussed other options with Libby, which led to the decision of changing roles and becoming a student manager for the GymHawks.

As a student-manager, there are several responsibilities and a full-time schedule, just like a student-athlete. They have the tasks of mat setting, board setting, practice music, helping the coaching staff, and even food orders when the athletes are busy.

David has been a part of the GymHawk family for 2 years and gained some life lessons throughout the journey. “I’ve learned how to communicate well, being timely, and not being afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something.” David explained, “A bigger one is that you should always stand up for what you believe in and to not be afraid to let your voice be heard.”

Throughout two seasons, David has traveled with the gymnastics team. “My favorite story that I will forever remember was from this season when we were stranded in the Chicago airport for 36 hours,” David reflected. “While it was something that was not fun during it, looking back, there were so many laughs and memories that I will always remember.”

With David graduating this spring with a degree in Sport and Rec. Management with a concentration in coaching and a minor in physical activity and exercise nutrition. Her advice to the new manager in the program, “would be for them to be engaged as much as possible with the staff and with the team.”

She plans to continue to maintain gymnastics in her life as she is an assistant coach with the Iowa Gymnastics Academy and pursues to become a Division I gymnastics coach.

“I would like to thank Iowa Gymnastics for giving me this opportunity! Especially the coaches; Larissa, Jen, and Vince for allowing me to come and help the team and learn so much more than they will ever know!” – Rachel David