Enough Testimonials - No. 3

“If we judged our society the way we judged gymnastics, would we get a perfect 10? We have the choice to learn and the power to change. Work toward change demands vulnerability, accountability, and action. To default to the comfortable norm would mean to sit complacent and complicit to everyday injustice. Listen, reflect, learn. Question, challenge, grow. We decide our future so be honest with yourself; are you committed to change? I have had enough. We have had enough.”

— Senior Clair Kaji

“I’ve had enough of seeing people treated like they are less than human. Enough violence. Enough being close-minded. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect regardless of the color of their skin, their religious affiliation, or any other reason that may be a cause of separation. This applies to everyone. We are all human. Stop treating others like they are anything less.”

–Caelen Lansing

“I’ve had enough of people complaining about society yet being too afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Actions are louder than words. In order for things to change, that change has to be initiated. It doesn’t matter whether everyone agrees with you or not. Simply taking the action of standing up for what you believe is right, is enough to start pushing this country toward change.”

— Freshman Giovanna Deo

“We are enough because we are a family who fully accepts, loves, and supports one another. We accept that we may make mistakes, and we focus on how we can learn from them and improve our character. We are enough because we are grateful for every opportunity; everything we do is intentional, full of heart, and done side by side with our GymHawk family.”

— Junior Mackenzie Vance

“I’ve had enough of gender discrimination. No one should have to worry about double standards and inequality because of their gender. We are all human and should be treated equally.”

— Freshman Kareena Mcsweeny