Marisa Schmidt To Join Roster In January

IOWA CITY, Iowa — University of Iowa women’s tennis head coach Sasha Schmid announced on Monday that Marisa Schmidt will be joining the program beginning January, 2022.

The native from Germany ascended as high as No. 63 this past year in the German National Women’s Open Ranking and has been ranked in the Top 20 Junior Rankings. Schmidt is the U21 champion and women’s open runner-up in the Baden-Wuerttemberg Championships. Additionally, she has won several German national tournaments.

“Marisa is a terrific addition to our team,” said Schmid. “She is an experienced junior player who has had much success and knows how to compete and win high-level tennis matches. She enjoys the challenge of competing, is driven to work hard in tennis, and reach her potential as a player in college tennis at the University of Iowa.

“Beyond the tennis court, Marisa is a dedicated student who is excited about continuing her studies at Iowa. She will be a wonderful teammate to all the players on our team.”