Iowa Wins 3 at Big Ten Invitational

SARASOTA, Fla. – The University of Iowa rowing team closed out the Big Ten Invitational competition on Saturday at Nathan Benderson Park with three wins from the I Varsity Eight, I Varsity Four and III Varsity Four.

Iowa’s I Varsity Eight crew put together a successful victory, coming in just short of five seconds before runner-up Notre Dame. The II Varsity Eight boat came a second short to Dartmouth to place second in its third session of the weekend.

The Hawkeyes also put together a I Varsity Four win, this time beating Dartmouth by a second. The III Varsity Four crew picked up its second win of the weekend, clocking a 7:32.006 to top Minnesota, Notre Dame and Michigan State.

Both Hawkeye novice crews saw improvements from their performances on Friday. The I Novice Eight boat placed second in 6:49.010, knocking just over 17 seconds off its previous best time of the weekend. The II Novice Eight boat beat its Friday time by 5 seconds in a fourth-place finish.

“I can’t say enough how proud I am of this team. They rose to the occasion this weekend and knew they had to put in their best effort with this level of competition. The impressive finish by our 2V8 and the 3 victories 3V4, 1V4 and 1V8 were a great way to cap off the weekend. We were ready to get back to work and stay close to home the next month as we prepare for the Big Ten Championship.”

The Hawkeyes head back for its first home regatta of the year to host Michigan State and Tulsa on April 23, starting at 8:30 a.m. (CT).

Varsity Eight

1. Iowa: 6:29.588
2. Notre Dame: 6:34.072
3. Michigan State: 6:38.308
4. Dartmouth: 6:43.348

Iowa: Ava Parris (coxswain), Emma Dabinett, Abbey Klostermann, Lisa Murphy, Kasi McWhorter, Taryn Lindaman, Hailey Mercuri, Emma Mask, Orla Cuffe

Second Varsity Eight

1. Dartmouth: 6:43.421
2. Iowa: 6:44.287
3. Notre Dame: 6:47.234
4. Michigan State: 6:48.771

Iowa: Adrianna Symicek (coxswain), Mary Wright, Molly Rygh, Kirsten Jurgersen, Abby Jaynes, Shae Becker, Laura Bates, Nina Lawrence, Mackenzie Streveler

Third Varsity Eight (Iowa Novice One)

1. Indiana: 6:47.840
2. Iowa: 6:49.010
3. Michigan State: 6:57.683
4. Minnesota: 7:05.170

Iowa: Natalie Maher (coxswain), Ava Satterfield, Molly Shannon, Abby Thoms, Grace Ethofer, Margaret Toennis, Verity Carstensen, Myah Lugar, Natalie DeGabriele

Fourth Varsity Eight (Iowa Novice Two)

1. Michigan State: 7:01.219
2. Minnesota: 7:02.932
3. Indiana: 7:13.719
4. Iowa: 7:25.099

Iowa: Elena James (coxswain), Lily Beardsley, Haley Reeves, Shreya Gaddi, Tabitha Keith, Natalie Goetzman, Delaney Knutson, Kenni Smith, Bailey Shafer

Varsity Four

1. Iowa: 7:29.402
2. Dartmouth: 7:30.859
3. Michigan State: 7:32.412
4. Notre Dame: 7:36.935

Iowa: Cara Burns (coxswain), Jaecee Hall, Elora Fierke, Heidi Hines, Livvy Osgood

Second Varsity Four

*Did not race

Third Varsity Four

1. Iowa: 7:32.006
2. Minnesota: 7:36.506
3. Notre Dame: 7:37.313
4. Michigan State: 7:58.346

Iowa: McKenna Keen, Paige Leibfried, Liz Blewett, Maggie Winegar, Riley Shultz