Iowa Wins 5 Races at Big Ten–Pac-12 Challenge

NORTH LIBERY, Iowa – The University of Iowa rowing team captured five victories during its first home regatta at the Coralville Reservoir.

The Hawkeyes began their morning session with two third place finishes in the I and II Varsity Eight races. Iowa’s I Varsity Eight boat was level with Central Florida’s runner-up boat until it hit the no-wake buoy with 150 meters left in the race. Both boats went on to place third in their afternoon sessions, respectively.

Iowa’s I Varsity Four boat put together a second-place finish in its morning session, coming in just six seconds shy of No. 12 Southern California’s winning crew. The I Varsity Four then placed third in the afternoon to No. 15 Oregon State and Central Florida.

The II Varsity Four claimed the Hawkeyes’ first win of the regatta, out-pacing No. 15 Oregon State by almost 12 seconds in its morning race. The same crew posted another victory in the second session, this time against Central Florida and Big Ten foe Minnesota.

Just two weeks after being awarded the Big Ten Boat of the Week, Iowa’s III Varsity Four picked up two wins to continue its season-long success.

The IV Varsity Four saw its first official action of the season, placing second in the morning to Wisconsin and third to Iowa’s III Varsity Four and Wisconsin in the afternoon.

The Hawkeyes’ I Novice Eight crew found success in the morning, finishing more than 12 seconds ahead of Minnesota’s runner-up boat. Iowa’s II Novice Eight boat placed second in both sessions, respectively.

“I think the word of the day is teamwork. I have to thank my entire staff, Shawn Koenigsberg and her event staff and Derek Sampson and the CrewHawks for all stepping up and putting on our event when Mother Nature wasn’t going to cooperate.

“Being able to move our race venue and create a new course from scratch in 24 hours was an incredible show of force by Iowa Athletics. I am so proud to be a part of this team. Most importantly, our team stepped up and performed. We once again had strong performances from 3V4 and 1N8.

“Our NCAA boat classes faced some challenges but responded with a level of competitiveness that showed their Hawkeye pride. We are excited where we are as a team and how we took another step in the right direction as we prep for the Big Ten Championships.”

The Hawkeyes will travel to Indianapolis for the Big Ten Rowing Championship on May 15.

Varsity Eight

1. USC: 6:45.00
2. UCF: 6:50.02
3. Iowa: 6:56.13

1. Oregon State: 6:43.90
2. UCF: 6:56.31
3. Iowa: 7:01.67

Iowa: Ava Parris (coxswain), Emma Dabinett, Abbey Klostermann, Lisa Murphy, Kasi McWhorter, Taryn Lindaman, Hailey Mercuri, Emma Mask, Orla Cuffe

Second Varsity Eight

1. USC: 6:53.30
2. UCF: 6:54.82
3. Iowa: 6:58.80

1. Oregon State: 6:56.30
2. UCF: 7:01.30
3. Iowa: 7:05.30

Iowa: Adrianna Symicek (coxswain), Nina Lawrence, Molly Rygh, Elora Fierke, Abby Jaynes, Kirsten Jurgersen, Laura Bates, Shae Becker, Mackenzie Streveler

Third Varsity Eight (Iowa Novice One)

1. Iowa: 7:23.00
2. Minnesota: 7:17.25

1. Wisconsin: 7:15.17
2. Iowa: 7:26.60

Iowa: Natalie Maher (coxswain), Ava Satterfield, Molly Shannon, Abby Thoms, Grace Ethofer, Margaret Toennis, Verity Carstensen, Myah Lugar, Natalie DeGabriele

Fourth Varsity Eight (Iowa Novice Two)

1. Wisconsin: 7:50.20
2. Iowa: 8:00.70

1. Wisconsin: 7:51.30
2. Iowa: 7:59.06

Iowa: Elena James (coxswain), Lily Beardsley, Haley Reeves, Shreya Gaddi, Tabitha Keith, Natalie Goetzman, Delaney Knutson, Kenni Smith, Bailey Shafer

Varsity Four

1. USC: 7:39.40
2. Iowa: 7:45.41
3. UCF: 7:46.16

1. Oregon State: 7:40.10
2. UCF: 7:55.13
3. Iowa: 8:03.14

Iowa: Cara Burns (coxswain), Jaecee Hall, Kendall Tucker, Heidi Hines, Livvy Osgood

Second Varsity Four

1. Iowa: 7:48.67
2. Oregon State: 8:00.63

1. Iowa: 8:01.45
2. UCF: 8:08.14
3. Minnesota: 8:17.09

Iowa: Kaitlyn Hansen (coxswain), Paige Leibfried, Liz Blewett, Maggie Winegar, Ellie Shaver

Third Varsity Four

1. Iowa: 8:01.54
2. Minnesota: 8:15.42

1. Iowa: 7:49.07
2. Wisconsin: 7:52.09
3. Iowa (4V4): 8:34.38

Iowa: McKenna Keen (coxswain), Claire Wragge, Riley Shultz, Victoria Michel, Sydney Brands

Fourth Varsity Four

1. Wisconsin: 8:01.60
2. Iowa: 8:27.56

Iowa: Madeline Kussatz (coxswain), Grace Clark, Sonnie Evans, Lauren Pearson, Melissa Cronnolly