Hawkeyes Win at Lake Wheeler Invite

DURHAM, N.C. – The nationally-ranked University of Iowa rowing team competed in the Lake Wheeler Invitational on Saturday. The field consisted of RV Alabama, Boston College, RV Boston University, RV Clemson, No. 14 Duke, Georgetown, Kansas, Louisville, Miami (FL), Navy, North Carolina, Oklahoma, No. 8 Penn, No. 9 Syracuse, RV Tennessee, UCF, and Washington State.

The morning session consisted of 1V8, 2V8, 3V8, 1V4, and 2V4. The Hawkeyes took Boston College, Clemson, Duke, Miami (FL), Oklahoma, and Washington State final segment of the invitational.

Iowa’s earned three top placements in the 1V8, 1V4, and 2V4. In the Varsity Eight, the Hawkeyes beat their immediate competitors by a full three and a half seconds. Iowa’s Varsity Four won their heat by 10 seconds in dominate fashion. It was more of the same for the 2V4 edging Washington State by a second and a half.

The Second Varsity Eight finished runner-up in their race and the 3V8 finished third. All of Iowa’s Varsity boats earned a top placement this weekend. In team competition, the Hawkeyes finished fourth only to be behind No. 14 Duke, No. 9 Syracuse, and No. 8 Penn.

The weather for Saturday’s competition was rainy and 65 degrees with 5-15 mph head wind out of the south.

The 19th ranked Hawkeyes will return to action April 29-30, at the Pac 12 Dual Event against California, SMU, and Stanford in Red Shores, California.

“Three of our five boats winning today was huge for the program. All five competed well and I’m proud of how this group carries themselves. Finishing fourth overall truly speaks to the depth of our team and where we are heading as a unit.”

Varsity Eight
1. IOWA (6:40.91)
2. Washington State (6:44.28)
3. Miami (FL) (6:45.62)
4. Clemson (6:46.09)
5. Oklahoma (6:53.93)
6. Boston College (6:58.34)

Iowa: Cara Burns (coxswain), Emma Dabinett, Kassandra McWhorter, Lisa Murphy, Molly Shannon, Taryn Lindaman, Abbey Klostermann, Hailey Mercuri, and Orla Cuffe.

II Varsity Eight
1. Washington State (6:56.34)
2. IOWA (7:00.41)
3. Miami (FL) (7:02.14)
4. Clemson (7:06.19)
5. Oklahoma (7:13.81)
6. Boston College (7:15.48)

Iowa: Ava Parris (coxswain), Molly Rygh, Shae Becker, Laura Bates, Kirsten Jurgensen, Maggie Toennis, Elora Fierke, Mackenzie Streveler, and Nina Lawrence.

III Varsity Eight
1. Duke 4V8** (7:21.40)
2. Clemson (7:25.12)
3. IOWA (7:25.87)
4. Oklahoma (7:32.48)
5. Miami (FL) (8:08.83)

Iowa: Taylor Lee (coxswain), Karire Evans, Olivia Taeger, Scarlett Maleham, Ella Grove, Erin Barry, Katie Jorgensen, Dawsen Dorsey, and Haley Hayes.

Varsity Four
1. IOWA (7:41.67)
2. Oklahoma (7:51.93)
3. Washington State (7:54.53)
4. Miami (FL) (7:55.50)
5. Boston College (7:56.22)
6. Clemson (8:09.18)

Iowa: Natalie Maher (coxswain), Claire Wragee, Liz Blewett, Lauren Pearson, and Heidi Hines.

II Varsity Four
1. IOWA (7:56.82)
2. Washington State (7:58.07)
3. Oklahoma (8:11.44)
4. Clemson (8:16.37)
5. Boston College (8:16.68)
6. Miami (FL) (8:24.29)

Iowa: Kimberly Marquez (coxswain), Emma Mask, Kendall Tucker, Jaecee Hall, and Sydney Brands.