Football Renews With Monarc

IOWA CITY, Iowa — The University of Iowa football team announced on Monday its renewed agreement with Monarc for five more years.

“We ask our players to take full advantage of all the resources they have available to them here at Iowa and it is our job to provide them the best resources,” said Ben Hansen, director of football administration and engagement. “I feel we do that at a very high level and that is why we renewed our contract with Monarc.

“Monarc allows our players to get increased reps and the ability to enhance their skills at any moment during the season and off-season.”

Monarc is a sports robotics company that created a robotic quarterback, kicker and punter that can emulate any type of game-like ball. Monarc’s technology automates team practice and allows athletes to train receptions by themselves. The Hawkeyes have utilized the technology since 2019.

“It’s meaningful to have the renewed backing of Iowa football, an institution that has supported our team’s vision from the very beginning,” said Igor Karlicic, co-founder of Monarc. “Iowa has been at the forefront of our technology since the Seeker was just a prototype and have watched it mature into what it is now — the standard for elite programs throughout the country. This is a special relationship and we’re so proud to continue supporting their coaches and student athletes in the years to come.”