Ten Questions With Adrienne Dybus

Sept. 22, 2006

1. Which teammate would you want to be for a day and why?
I would be one of our awesome goalkeepers. In field hockey the field players all play offense and defense and defiantly transition play, but we do not all get to be in the cage.

2. Which teammate has the best/weirdest pre-game routine and what is it?
Rozy and I listen to RESPECT by Aretha Franklin enough time to go from CHA to Grant Field (about three)… if you happen to see us driving please feel free to sing/dance with us.

3. Which teammate takes the longest to get “ready”?
Caitlin McCurdy without question.

4. Who is your messiest teammate?
Every time I go over to Caroline’s house I can hardly see her floor… but I also had to help Roz Ellis clean out her dorm room and it was terrible.

5. If you were Paris Hilton for one day what would you do?
I would go shopping for Adrenne Dybus and probably donate a lot of her money.

6. What is your biggest pet peeve?
When people chomp on their gum.

7. Do you have any pets, if so what is its name?
I have a “puppy” named Buttons… but he is actually a kitten. I don’t like cats and have never had one in my life… so I treat him as if he were a puppy! Also about three weeks ago I found out Buttons was not a girl.

8. What do you miss the most from St. Louis that you can’t/don’t have here in Iowa City?
I miss my sisters and brother the most and the CARDINALS a lot!

9. What was the last movie you went to and did you enjoy it?
I went to see “Ice Age 2”. It was great. My favorite part was when Sid the Sloth sings to make fun of Manny.
“Stop hey what’s that sound… all the other Mammoths are in the ground!” “If you’re not the only one in your species clap your hands…”

10. What person has influenced you the most so far in life and how so?
My dad time a million. He is so smart. When I am having a rough time I can call him up and he can help me work through it. He has so much life experience and defiantly leaves no room for any type of excuses.