Lickliter: Popcorn, Jelly Beans and More

April 8, 2007

Editor’s Note: The following was written by Randy Peterson and first appeared in April 8, 2007 editions of the Des Moines Register.

Indianapolis, Ind. — Stop the press: Iowa’s new basketball coach has a past.

Todd Lickliter’s on the lam, and has been for 34 years. So much for background checks on million-dollar coaching hires.

“He was swimming where he shouldn’t have been swimming,” said his mother, Jimmye Sue Lickliter. “He was with some kids out in the old gravel pit when a police helicopter spotted them.”

Cops nabbed only Marc, Todd’s older brother.

“When the police brought me home,” Marc said, “Todd was sitting there on the couch reading the newspaper and acting like he hadn’t done anything – except for the fact that he was dripping wet.

“The police – they didn’t even bother to question him. They still don’t know that Todd was swimming illegally in that gravel pit. For all they know, he’s still out there someplace.”

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