Novice Eight Medal at Big Ten Championships

April 28, 2007


The University of Iowa women’s rowing team placed sixth in team scoring today at the Big Ten Championships on Lake Wingra. Crews dealt with strong cross tailwinds throughout the day on the 1,810 meter course. The Hawkeyes qualified in two of the six grand finals, while the other four qualified in petite finals.

Iowa won in the varsity eight petite finishing over Indiana by over six seconds after Indiana won over Iowa in the morning sessions. Finishing in a time of 6:14.4 the Hawkeyes finished second in between Wisconsin and Indiana in the second varsity eight petite final. The Hawkeyes placed third in both the first (7:14.1) and second (7:41.9) fours petite final.

“I was pleased with the way the varsity crews came back in the afternoon. We did not start the day off like I wanted to, but they came back strong to finish the afternoon races,” comments coach Mandi Kowal.

The lone Hawkeye medalist came in the novice eights. Iowa finished behind Minnesota and Wisconsin in the first novice eights in a time of 6:33.3 for a bronze medal. The second novice eight was in contention for a medal when the Iowa caught a crab and crossed the finish line at 6:36.9 behind Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

“It was great to see our novice crews racing well, with each crew being in contention of medaling. This builds well for our future, ” comments coach Kowal on the first novice eight third place finish.

Minnesota finished the Big Ten Championships with 150 points and the title of Big Ten Champions. Iowa, placed sixth, scoring 49 points.

Big Ten sportsmanship and first and second all-conference teams were also announced today. Sophomore Melissa Wordelman was awarded with the Big Ten sportsmanship award. The Hawkeyes also had two student-athletes announced for first and second team all conference seniors Lori Rehel and Janelle Cross, respectively.

Iowa will next compete and Central Regionals in Oakridge, TN on May 12 and 13.


Novice II Eights Grand Final
1. Michigan 6:25.7
2. Wisconsin 6:28.5
3. Minnesota 6:31.2
4. Iowa 6:36.9
5. Ohio State 7:10.2

Novice I Eights Grand Final
1. Minnesota 6:29.2
2. Wisconsin 6:30.9
3. Iowa 6:33.3
4. Michigan State 6:34.3

II Fours+ Petite Final
1.Ohio State 7:13.6
2. Michigan State 7:36.1
3. Iowa 7:41.9

I Fours+ Petite Final
1. Michigan 7:04
2. Indiana 7:10.4
3. Iowa 7:14.1

II Eights Petite Final
1. Wisconsin 6:10.9
2. Iowa 6:14.4
3. Indiana 6:18.3

I Eights Petite Final
1. Iowa 6:02.4
2. Indiana 6:08.8

1. Minnesota 150
2. Michigan 117
3. Ohio State 103
4. Michigan State 102
5. Wisconsin 87
6. IOWA 49
7. Indiana 33

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