Hawkeyes Finish Final Day At Notre Dame Invite

Sept. 30, 2007

South Bend, IN –

The University of Iowa men’s tennis team finished its final day of competition at the Notre Dame Invitational. The Hawkeyes claimed two singles matches at the Courtney Tennis Center. Teams competing along with the Hawkeyes include Ball State, Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Purdue and Western Michigan.

Sophomores Walker Grimes and Patrick Dwyer each claimed singles victories. Walker Grimes defeated Jai Yoon (IU) 6-4, 6-3. In addition, Patrick Dwyer defeated Sean Tan (ND) 6-1, 6-4. The Hawkeyes were unable to claim any doubles victories. Overall, it was a good tournament for the Hawkeyes as they claimed 11 singles matches while playing without three key members of the team. Christian Bierich, J.P.Ritchie and Bart von Monsjou are competing at the ITA All-American Championships.

Head coach Steve Houghton was very pleased with the outcome of the tournament. “Overall, I was very happy with our performance. Everyone, freshmen and upper classmen, had some success against very tough competition. It was a perfect first tournament of the year in that our guys learned they can compete with top players, and also learned what they need to do to improve. Our top three guys did not compete which gave us the opportunity to really develop some depth.”

The Hawkeyes will compete at the Purdue Invitational beginning October 13.

Singles:Walker Grimes (Iowa) def. Jai Yoon (IU)                    6-4, 6-3Patrick Dwyer (Iowa) def. Sean Tan (ND)                    6-1, 6-4David Anderson (ND) def. Reinoud Haal (Iowa)                         6-3, 6-0Matt Johnson (ND) def. Tommy McGeorge (Iowa)                       6-2, 6-3Sebastian Gruter (IU) def. Gentry Kaegi (Iowa)              6-1, 6-3Peter Antons (IU) def. Greg Holm (Iowa)                    6-2, 6-3Patrick Callaghan (ND) def. Austen Kauss (Iowa)             6-3, 6-4Casey Cullen (WMU) def. Mat Sawin (Iowa)                   6-1, 5-7, 1-0 (10-7)
Doubles:Pavia/Rodriguez (BSU) def. Greg Holm/Walker Grimes (Iowa) 8-5Berryman/Bussert (BSU) def. Reinoud Haal/Gentry Kaegi (Iowa) 8-5Yoon/Callaghan (ND) def. Patrick Dwyer/Tommy McGeorge (Iowa) 8-5Tan/Yoshii (ND) def. Austen Kauss/Mat Sawin (Iowa) 8-1="https://hawkeyesports.com/http:%3E%3C/ahref="http:>="https://hawkeyesports.com/http:%3E%3C/ahref="http:>="https://hawkeyesports.com/http:%3E%3C/ahref="http:>="https://hawkeyesports.com/http:%3E%3C/ahref="http:>

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