Hawkeyes Crown Six Champions

Nov. 17, 2007

OMAHA, NE – The University of Iowa wrestling team crowned six individual champions at the 25th annual Kaufman-Brand Open in Omaha, NE, Saturday. All of Iowa’s champions and all but two placewinners were competing unattached. Seniors Mark Perry (165) and Matt Fields (Hwt.), junior Charlie Falck (125) and sophomores Joe Slaton (133), Brent Metcalf (149) and Phillip Keddy (184) each won titles in the tournament’s elite division. It was Metcalf’s second straight individual title at the meet, while the other five won their first career Kaufman-Brand Open title. Iowa’s six individual titles was the most recorded by any team. Tournament host University of Nebraska-Omaha crowned four individual champions.

Also placing for the Hawkeyes in the elite division were juniors Dan Erekson (Hwt.-3rd) and Rick Loera (184-3rd), and sophomores Dan LeClere (141-3rd), Jay Borschel (174-5th) and Chad Beatty (174-6th). Placing for Iowa in the amateur division were redshirt freshman Matt Ballweg (149-3rd) and true freshmen J.J. Krutsinger (125-3rd), Blake Rasing (Hwt.-3rd), Jordan Johnson (197-4th), Montell Marion (133-5th) and Brodie Ambrose (197-5th).

Iowa will open the 2007-08 dual season Nov. 24 at the St. Edward Duals in Lakewood, OH. The Hawkeyes will face the University of Findlay at 9 a.m., Iowa Central Community College at 10:30 a.m., Old Dominion University at 1:30 p.m. and North Carolina State University at 3 p.m. All times are central and all matches will be held at the St. Edward High School Gymnasium.

125 Pounds
Charlie Falck (I-UN) tech. fall P.J. Puriefoy (KING), 15-0, 4:22
Charlie Falck (I-UN) pinned Kevin Gray (DANA), 3:19
Charlie Falck (I-UN) dec. Marcos Orozco (UCD), 9-2

133 Pounds
Joe Slaton (I-UN) dec. Francisco Manriquez (UCD), 8-4
Joe Slaton (I-UN) pinned Brad Neitenbach (OKST), 4:26
Joe Slaton (I-UN) dec. Cody Garcia (UNO), 10-0
Joe Slaton (I-UN) maj. dec. Mike Thorn (MINN-UN), 14-6
Joe Slaton (I-UN) pinned Cory VomBaur (WYO), 3:10

Thomas Magnani (I) maj. dec. Brandon Low (UCD), 15-3
Burke Barnes (DANA) dec. Thomas Magnani (I), 10-5
Thomas Magnani (I) pinned Brad Neitenbach (OKST), 1:32
Thomas Magnani (I) dec. Garrett Desmond (WYO), 6-2
Mike Thorn (MINN-UN) pinned Thomas Magnani (I), 1:16
Thomas Magnani (I) won by med. forfeit over Burke Barnes (DANA)

141 Pounds
Dan LeClere (I-UN) dec. Robert Sanders (NEB), 6-3
Dan LeClere (I-UN) dec. Jake Kriegbaum (AFA), 9-3
Carter Downing (WYO) dec. Dan LeClere (I-UN), 9-4
Dan LeClere (I-UN) dec. Jeff Rutledge (UNK), 5-2
Dan LeClere (I-UN) dec. Gabe Mooney (NDSU), 3-1

Nexi Delgado (UCD) maj. dec. Derek Coorough (I), 13-3
Efrain Ayala (MANK) dec. Derek Coorough (I), 5-4

149 Pounds
Brent Metcalf (I-UN) pinned Kevin Cunningham (UCD), 2:43
Brent Metcalf (I-UN) maj. dec. Trevor Chin (LEHIGH), 15-3
Brent Metcalf (I-UN) tech. fall Jacob Naig (INDEPENDENT), 23-6 in 5:47
Brent Metcalf (I-UN) dec. Jordan Burroughs (NEB), 6-0

157 Pounds
Ryan Morningstar (I-UN) dec. Kyle Dubbs (UCD), 8-1
Joseph Corneio (LAB) won by medical forfeit over Ryan Morningstar (I-UN)
Dave Nakasone (LEHIGH) won by medical forfeit over Ryan Morningstar (I-UN)

Joe Ellenberger (UNK-UN) maj. dec. T.H. Leet (I), 13-2
Brooks Kopsa (I-UN) dec. T.H. Leet (I), 5-2

Joseph Corneio (LAB) pinned Brooks Kopsa (I-UN), 3:14
Brooks Kopsa (I-UN) dec. T.H. Leet (I), 5-2
Brooks Kopsa (I-UN) won by medical forfeit over Jarion Beets (UNI)
Brooks Kopsa (I-UN) won by medical forfeit over Adam Aho (NDSU)
Brooks Kopsa (I-UN) dec. Dave Nakasone (LEHIGH), 4-3
Jason Rhoten (MANK) won by disqualification over Brooks Kopsa (I-UN)

165 Pounds
Mark Perry (I-UN) pinned Cody Foust (NEB), 2:09
Mark Perry (I-UN) dec. Jeremy Larson (MINN-UN), 8-2
Mark Perry (I-UN) pinned Kevin Wainscott (OKST), 1:46
Mark Perry (I-UN) maj. dec. Colby Covington (ICCC), 13-0
Mark Perry (I-UN) pinned Moza Fay (UNI), 5:51

Jake Kerr (I) pinned Justin Shadrix (AFA), 3:13
Colby Covington (ICCC) dec. Jake Kerr (I), 4-1
Jake Kerr (I) maj. dec. Jordan Kolbow (MINN-UN), 11-3
Jake Kerr (I) dec, Eric Coxbill (WYO), 10-6
Jake Kerr (I) maj. dec. Stephen Crozier (AFA), 15-7
Stephen Dwyer (NEB) dec. Jake Kerr (I), 5-4

Scott Glasser (MINN-UN) dec. Aaron Janssen (I), 5-4
Eric Coxbill (WYO) won by med. forfeit over Aaron Janssen (I)

Moza Fay (UNI maj. dec. Mike Fahrer (I-UN), 12-2
Mike Fahrer (I-UN) pinned Brandon Henderson (NDSU), 0:37
Jeremy Larson (MINN-UN) maj. dec. Mike Fahrer (I-UN), 9-1

174 Pounds
Chad Beatty (I-UN) dec. Joshua Murray (BV), 11-5
Chad Beatty (I-UN) pinned John Clark (UCD), 5:29
Chad Beatty (I-UN) dec. Gabe Dretsch (MINN-UN), 3-2
Alex Dolly (UNI) dec. Chad Beatty (I-UN), 7-6
Tyler French (AFA) pinned Chad Beatty (I-UN), 3:12
Jay Borschel (I-UN) pinned Chad Beatty (I-UN), 4:45

Jay Borschel (I-UN) tech. fall Kyle Morrow (WYO), 15-0, 4:41
Jay Borschel (I-UN) maj. dec. Paul Sutton (UNK), 16-6
Brandon Browne (NEB) dec. Jay Borschel (I-UN), 11-7
Gabe Dretsch (MINN-UN) dec. Jay Borschel (I-UN), 14-10
Jay Borschel (I-UN) pinned Chad Beatty (I-UN), 4:45

184 Pounds
Phillip Keddy (I-UN) pinned Cole Spree (NWI), 3:33
Phillip Keddy (I-UN) pinned James Ciccone (AFA), 1:41
Phillip Keddy (I-UN) dec. Brent Pankoke (UNO), 8-2
Phillip Keddy (I-UN) dec. Kirk Smith (BSU), 5-2

Rick Loera (I) maj. dec. Colt Reece (WYO), 16-3
Andy O’Laughlin (UNI) dec. Rick Loera (I), 5-3
Rick Loera (I) dec. Scott Hazen (UNI), 5-4
Rick Loera (I) maj. dec. Levi Wofford (NEB), 16-7
Brent Pankoke (UNO) pinned Rick Loera (I), 5:03
Rick Loera (I) maj. dec. Andy O’Laughlin (UNI), 15-5

197 Pounds
Luke Lofthouse (I-UN) dec. Yura Malamura (MINN-UN), 8-7
Luke Lofthouse (I-UN) dec. Jacob Bryce (NDSU), 6-3
Jacob Marrs (UNO) dec. Luke Lofthouse (I-UN), 6-2
Yura Malamura (MINN-UN) dec. Luke Lofthouse (I-UN), 7-5
Justin Bronson (MINN-UN) dec. Luke Lofthouse (I-UN), 5-1

Matt Fields (I-UN) dec. Joe Nord (MN-UN), 10-6
Matt Fields (I-UN) dec. Brad Farmer (OU), 10-4
Matt Fields (I-UN) dec. Jon May (NEB), 4-0
Matt Fields (I-UN) won by med. forfeit over Tervel Dlagnev (UNK-UN)

Dan Erekson (I-UN) pinned Anthony Stegeman (AFA), 1:22
Tervel Dlagnev (UNK-UN) dec. Dan Erekson (I-UN), 3-1
Dan Erekson (I-UN) maj. dec. Ricky Alcala (UCD), 12-3
Dan Erekson (I-UN) maj. dec. Jason Stripling (SDSU-UN), 10-2
Dan Erekson (I-UN) pinned Jon May (NEB), 3:22
Dan Erekson (I-UN) dec. Brady Wilson (MANK), 5-3

125 Pounds
J.J. Krutsinger (I-UN) maj. dec. Jordan White (UNK-UN), 13-4
Terrance Young (ICCC) dec. J.J. Krutsinger (I-UN), 8-6
J.J. Krutsinger (I-UN) maj. dec. Kyle Donlan (BV), 11-0
J.J. Krutsinger (I-UN) maj. dec. Lee Meirick (LUTH), 13-3
J.J. Krutsinger (I-UN) maj. dec. Brandon McDonald (UNK-UN), 14-4
J.J. Krutsinger (I-UN) dec. Jon Erickson (KING-UN), 6-4
J.J. Krutsinger (I-UN) pinned Tim Peskar (ICCC), 4:40
Terrance Young (ICCC) dec. J.J. Krutsinger (I-UN), 10-3

133 Pounds
Montell Marion (I-UN) tech. fall Mitch Hervert (HAST), 23-6, 4:05
Montell Marion (I-UN) maj. dec. Jason Jeremisiason (AUG-UN), 26-13
Jamal Parks (OSU-UN) dec. Montell Marion (I-UN), 11-5
Montell Marion (I-UN) maj. dec. Scott Berens (LAB), 15-7
Montell Marion (I-UN) pinned Jon Henslee (ICCC), 1:37
Derek Gillespie (AFA) pinned Montell Marion (I-UN), 4:58
Montell Marion (I-UN) pinned Tyler Steinwand (NDSU-UN), 0:21

Tyler Halverson (I-UN) pinned Jeremy Dove (DANA), 1:58
Tyler Halverson (I-UN) pinned Scott Berens (LAB), 3:25
Trenton Washington (UNI-UN) maj. dec. Tyler Halverson (I-UN), 14-4
Tyler Halverson (I-UN) pinned Keaton Taylor (DANA-UN), 5:55
Mario Morgan (UNO) dec. Tyler Halverson (I-UN), 5-1

141 Pounds
Kyle Rosser (LEHIGH) dec. Ethan Sebert (I-UN), 7-6
Brady Schneeberger (NDSU) tech. fall Ethan Sebert (I-UN), 15-0, 3:19

149 Pounds
Matt Ballweg (I) tech. fall Blake Hilmer (UNI-UN), 18-2, 5:02
Matt Ballweg (I) pinned Daniel Utley (LAB-UN), 2:32
Chris Hacker (NEB) dec. Matt Ballweg (I), 9-3
Matt Ballweg (I) maj. dec. Jered Hensley (NEB), 18-5
Matt Ballweg (I) pinned Luke Mellmer (MINN-UN), 0:47
Matt Ballweg (I) dec. Trevor Kittleson (UNI), 5-3
Matt Ballweg (I) pinned Tyler Davis (WYO), 0:34
Matt Ballweg (I) dec. Jamal Lawrence (UNI-UN), 6-2
Matt Ballweg (I) dec. Matt Burns (ICCC), 5-1

Nick LeClere (I-UN) pinned Tyler Jensen (ICCC), 3:48
Nick LeClere (I-UN) dec. Luke Mellmer (MINN-UN), 10-6
Chris Hacker (NEB) pinned Nick LeClere (I-UN), 0:26
Nick LeClere (I-UN) dec. Andre Pastelov (NDSU), 8-6
Matt Burns (ICCC) dec. Nick LeClere (I-UN), 6-4

Vince Salminen (NDSU) pinned Stew Gillmor (I-UN), 2:35
Sean Flynn (SDSU) pinned Stew Gillmor (I-UN), 1:56

165 Pounds
Shane Onufer (WYON-UN) maj. dec. Ryan Kurovski (I-UN), 11-3
Ryan Kurovski (I-UN) dec. Aaron Hancock (NIACC), 17-16
Trent Sovde (NDSU-UN) dec. Ryan Kurovski (I-UN), 10-6

197 Pounds
Jordan Johnson (I-UN) pinned Tyler Schrader (HAST), 1:15
Ty Copsey (AUG) dec. Jordan Johnson (I-UN), 2-1
Jordan Johnson (I-UN) tech. fall Alex Iacocca (LEHIGH), 17-0, 4:30
Jordan Johnson (I-UN) dec. Mark Carnevale (KING), 5-2
Jordan Johnson (I-UN) dec. Brodie Ambrose (I-UN), 5-3
Chance Rencountre (LAB) dec. Jordan Johnson (I-UN), 7-4

Brodie Ambrose (I-UN) dec. Alex Iacocca (LEHIGH), 10-9
Brodie Ambrose (I-UN) dec. Ross Milam (DANA), 4-2
Jordan Johnson (I-UN) dec. Brodie Ambrose (I-UN), 5-3
Brodie Ambrose (I-UN) dec. Pat Mahan (UNI-UN), 2-1

Blake Rasing (I-UN) pinned Kazden Ikehara (AFA), 3:27
Blake Rasing (I-UN) dec. Tyler Hemmesch (NDSU-UN), 6-0
Christian Brantley (UNI-UN) dec. Blake Rasing (I-UN), 4-1
Blake Rasing (I-UN) pinned Justin Allen (LEHIGH), 5:54
Blake Rasing (I-UN) dec. Bryce Boehm (UNO), 9-4




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