Hawkeyes Win Conference Opener

Feb. 2, 2008

IOWA CITY, IA – The University of Iowa men’s tennis team opened the Big Ten Conference slate with a victory over Indiana. The Hawkeyes won the meet by a score of 4-3 at the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Center.

Indiana claimed the doubles point while Iowa claimed four singles victories. In No. 1 singles competition, senior Bart van Monsjou defeated Phillip Eilers, 6-1, 6-2. Junior Christian Bierich and sophomore Tommy McGeorge were also victorious on Saturday. Bierich defeated Dara McLoughlin 6-3, 7-5 and McGeorge defeated Santiago Gruter 6-4, 6-2. The match of the day came when Gregory Holm clinched the hard-fought victory for the Hawkeyes by defeating Mike McCarthy 7-6, 2-6, 7-6.

Head Coach Steve Houghton was very pleased with the results of the dual meet. “It was a big, big win for us as we beat one of the top teams in the Big Ten.”

Singles:1. Bart van Monsjou (Iowa) def. Phillip Eilers (IU)           6-1, 6-22. Thomas Richter (IU) def. J.P. Ritchie (Iowa)                 6-7, 7-5, 7-63. Christian Bierich (Iowa) def. Dara McLoughlin (IU)           6-3, 7-54. Lachlan Ferguson (IU) def. Reinoud Haal (Iowa)            7-5, 6-7, 6-25. Tommy McGeorge (Iowa) def. Santiago Gruter (IU)         6-4, 6-26. Gregory Holm (Iowa) def. Mike McCarthy (IU)           7-6, 2-6, 7-6
Doubles:1. Eilers/McLoughlin (IU) def. Ritchie/van Monsjou (Iowa) 8-52. Richter/Ferguson (IU) def. Holm/Grimes (Iowa) 8-53. Gruter/Antons (IU) def. Haal/Dwyer (Iowa) 8-5="https://hawkeyesports.com/http:%3E%3C/ahref="http:>="https://hawkeyesports.com/http:%3E%3C/ahref="http:>="https://hawkeyesports.com/http:%3E%3C/ahref="http:>

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