Hawkeyes Fall To No. 2 Ohio State

March 7, 2008

IOWA CITY, IA – The University of Iowa men’s tennis team was defeated by No. 2 Ohio State Friday at the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Center, 7-0. With the loss, No. 47 Iowa falls to 6-3 overall, 1-1 in Big Ten play, on the season.

The Buckeyes claimed the doubles point, winning all three matches. The Hawkeyes started strong in singles play, as they were ahead at some point in the first set of five matches. Ohio State rallied to take all six singles matches. No. 109 Bart van Monsjou won the first set, before falling to No. 7 Justin Kronauge 3-6, 7-6 (10-6). At No. 2 singles, senior J.P. Ritchie fell to No. 34 Steven Moneke 7-6, 6-0. Junior Christian Bierich fell to No. 29 Bryan Koniecko 3-6, 6-4, 7-5. The Hawkeyes fell in two more close matches at No. 4 and No. 5 singles. At No. 4, Reinoud Haal was defeated by Shuhei Uzawa 6-4, 7-5. Tommy McGeorge fell at No. 5 singles to No. 120 Drew Eberly, 6-7, 6-1, 6-4. In addition, freshman Gentry Kaegi saw his first action of the spring. Kaegi fell in the No. 6 position 6-0, 6-2 to Matt Allare.

“Those who witnessed the match would understand that the final score does not reflect what the match was all about,” said Head Coach Steve Houghton. “Five of the singles matches were extremely close matches. The positive thing is that we played the No. 2 team in the country very close.”

The Hawkeyes will travel to face Lamar Tuesday, March 18.

No. 2 Ohio State - 7 No. 47 Iowa - 0 
Singles:1. No. 7 Justin Kronauge (OSU) def. No. 109 Bart van Monsjou (Iowa)       3-6, 7-6 (10-6)2. No. 34 Steven Moneke (OSU) def. J.P. Ritchie (Iowa)                  7-6, 6-03. No. 29 Bryan Koniecko (OSU) def. Christian Bierich (Iowa)            3-6, 6-4, 7-54. Shuhei Uzawa (OSU) def. Reinoud Haal (Iowa)               6-4, 7-55. No. 120 Drew Eberly (OSU) def. Tommy McGeorge (Iowa)            6-7, 6-1, 6-46. Matt Allare (OSU) def. Gentry Kaegi (Iowa)                    6-0, 6-2
Doubles:1. No. 23 Allare/O'Connell (OSU) def. Ritchie/van Monsjou (Iowa)        8-42. No. 8 Kronauge/Eberly (OSU) def. Holm/Grimes (Iowa)          8-33. Moneke/B. Koniecko (OSU) def. Bierich/Kauss (Iowa)                    8-2

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