Iowa Wins Four In Big Ten Challenge

April 20, 2008

Columbus, OH –

The University of Iowa women’s rowing team took home four first place finishes in Saturday’s Big Ten Challenge against host Ohio State, Indiana and Wisconsin.

In the morning session, Iowa started off strong in the V8+, placing first over Indiana (6:59.0) in a time of 6:54.9. Iowa finished on top two more times over Indiana, in the V4+ and the N8+.

Harsh winds and rains picked up in the afternoon session, but the Hawkeyes persevered in the N8+ once again finishing over Ohio State 7:49.5 to 7:53.2.

“It was nice to come away with some good wins and see what it was like to race against one of the stongest programs in the country,” said Hawkeye Head Coach Mandi Kowal. “Sometimes when you experience a lose crews learn and grow the most. What I found most important over the weekend was what each crew needed to work on to gain boat speed before our conference championship. We have 2 weeks to prepare for Big 10’s and have narrowed our focus for our remaining practices.”

Iowa boats return to the water May 3, traveling to Ann Arbor, MI to compete in the 2008 Big Ten Championship.

A.M. Session
1. IOWA 6:54.9
2. Indiana 6:59.0

1. Indiana 7:12.2
2. IOWA 7:16.8

1. IOWA 8:19.2
2. Indiana 8:22.3

1. IOWA 7:18.1
2. Indiana 7:26.6

1. Wisconsin 7:11.4
2. IOWA 7:17.9
3. Ohio State 7:27.9

P.M. Session
1. Ohio State 6:54.9
2. IOWA 7:05.4

1. Ohio State 7:06.5
2. IOWA 7:28.7

1. Ohio State 8:05.3
2. IOWA 8:33.5

1. IOWA 7:49.5
2. Ohio State 7:53.2

1. Wisconsin 7:39.0
2. IOWA 7:46.4
3. Ohio State 8:02.6

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