Novice Crew Medals At Big Ten Championships

May 3, 2008

Ann Arbor, MI –

The University of Iowa women’s rowing team placed sixth in team scoring today at the Big Ten Championships on Belleville Lake. The Hawkeyes qualified in one of the six grand finals, while the other five qualified for the petite finals.

Iowa won in the N8+ petite final finishing over Ohio State after Ohio State posted a faster time than Iowa in the morning sessions. Hawkeye boats placed second in the V8+ petite final, just behind Wisconsin. Iowa placed third in the 2V8+ (7:04.87), V4+ (818.01) and 2V4+ (9:16.51) petite finals.

The lone Hawkeye medalist came in the 2N8+ grand final. Iowa beat out Michigan State for the bronze medal in the final second, finishing behind Wisconsin and Minnesota with a time of 7:21.32.

Michigan State finished the Big Ten Championships with 150 total points, earning the Big Ten Championship title. Iowa placed sixth, ahead of Indiana, with a total point tally of 40.

“Though we didn’t move up in the rankings from last year, we raced with better speed in relation to our competitors,” said Hawkeye Head Coach Mandi Kowal. “We still feel forward momentum with our team as we head into Central/Southern Sprints. We will regroup in preparation for our upcoming championship to improve over last year’s performance.”

Big Ten sportsmanship and first and second all-conference teams were also announced today. Senior Brittany Keyes was named to the all-Big Ten first team, and was a Big Ten sportsmanship honoree. Junior Kristin Kelly was named to the all-Big Ten second team.

Iowa will return to the water May 17-18 when they travel to Oakridge, TN to compete at Central Regionals.

V8+ Petite Final
1. Wisconsin 6:40.52
2. IOWA 6:46.43
3. Indiana 6:54.18

2V8+ Petite Final
1. Michigan 6:58.00
2. Indiana 7:02.54
3. IOWA 7:04.87

V4+ Petite Final
1. Michigan 7:58.88
2. Indiana 8:11.13
3. IOWA 8:18.01

2V4+ Petite Final
1. Ohio State 8:14.20
2. Indiana 8:33.90
3. IOWA 9:16.51

N8+ Petite Final
1. IOWA 7:17.39
2. Ohio State 7:21.06

2N8+ Grand Final
1. Wisconsin 7:13.90
2. Minnesota 7:14.55
3. IOWA 7:21.32
4. Michigan State 7:21.59

Team Scoring
1. Michigan State 150
2. Wisconsin 114
3. Ohio State 112
4. Minnesota 104
5. Michigan 90
6. IOWA 40
7. Indiana 31

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