Hawkeyes Qualify All Five Events

May 17, 2008

Oakridge, TN –The University of Iowa women’s rowing team competed in all five events at the Aramark South-Central Sprints during the first day of competition. All five events qualified for final events on Sunday.

The Hawkeyes placed sixth in heat three of the open four to advance to Final C on Sunday.

Iowa placed fourth in heat two of the novice eight to advance to semifinals. In semifinals the Hawkeyes placed third to advance to Final B.

Placing fourth in heat one, the varsity four advance to Final C.

The varsity eight took third place in heat three, while the second varsity eight took fourth in heat three. Both the first and second varsity eight advanced to semifinals. The varsity eight finished sixth in semifinals to advance to the B Final on Sunday. The second varsity eight earned Iowa’s only first place finish of the day in semifinals and will advance to Final C tomorrow.

Iowa will return to the water May 18 for competition in day two of the South-Central Regionals.


Open 4+Heat 31.Wisconsin     7:38.802. Notre Dame "A"   7:44.903. Clemson      7:56.284. UCF          8:10.235. Kansas       8:14.806. IOWA             8:19.900

N8+Heat 21. Wisconsin 6:48.702. Ohio State 7:04.713. Notre Dame 7:05.324. IOWA 7:11.375. Michigan State 7.11.836. North Carolina "B" 7:23.997. Texas 7:27.70

Semifinals1.Clemson 7:12.902. Ohio State 7:13.983. IOWA 7:22.474.Michigan 7:23.015. Kansas State 7:31.686. North Carolina "B" 7:36.69

V4+Heat 11. Michigan State 7:26.002. Michigan 7:31.193. Tennessee 7:37.524. IOWA 7.44.525. North Carolina 8:02.83

2V8+Heat 31. Michigan State 6:49.502. Notre Dame 6:51.563. UCF 6:54.834. IOWA 6:59.645. Miami 7:13.31

Semifinals1. IOWA 7:16.002. Kansas 7:17.543. Duke 7:18.374. SMU 7:25.735. Eastern Michigan 7:54.91

V8+Heat 31. Tennessee 6:38.102. Notre Dame 6:43.323. IOWA 6:47.314. Duke 6:53.595. North Carolina 7:06.216. Eastern Michigan 7:11.44

Semifinals1. Michigsn 6:36.102. Michigan State 6:36.653. Wisconsin 6:38.054. Notre Dame 6:40.655. Louisville 6:51.356. IOWA 7:01.95

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