Meet the Hawkeyes: Andrew Brommer

Sept. 24, 2008

by Brad Rudner

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Andrew Brommer understands the situation.

As one of six newcomers to the University of Iowa men’s basketball program, he knows there are only two other players on the roster taller than 6-foot-8. Not only is he the tallest at 6-9, but he also knows his chances of playing this season are very good.

Still, Brommer, a freshman from Rosemount (Minn.) High School, realizes that in order to be a big man in the Big Ten, becoming a `gym rat’ is just another step along the way.

“We are all really dedicated,” said Brommer. “Working out three days a week, open gyms… there is something to do each day to improve.”

At the end of his high school playing days this past spring, Brommer weighed 215 pounds. He has since added 20 pounds to his frame. Brommer’s ultimate goal is to be at 240 or 245 by the start of the season. The workout program, Brommer says, is imperative to play in the Big Ten.

“It’s definitely a 12-month commitment,” he said. “For me, I have to lift weights and get stronger. The Big Ten is a totally higher level of competition. I feel like I am doing all I can to achieve success.”

Before landing at Iowa, Brommer was recruited by his home-state school — Big Ten rival, Minnesota. Ultimately he chose the Hawkeyes over Vanderbilt and Southern Illinois.

“I just wanted the right fit for me, with the coaches and the players,” Brommer said. “Iowa gave me that.

The system that Coach Lickliter runs and the players on the team were big positives for me.”

Brommer didn’t become a Hawkeye without some major influence from a teammate.

Anthony Tucker was big on bringing me here,” Brommer said. “He committed before me and he continually talked about Iowa.”

Tucker and Brommer played two years together on Minnesota’s 43 Hoops AAU team. Brommer hopes their chemistry will continue as members of the Hawkeyes.

“He’s an extremely good shooter and a very poised player on the court,” said Brommer of Tucker. “I rarely ever see him lose the ball off the dribble or make a bad pass. He’s a great player and a great teammate.”

Brommer acknowledges that the collegiate game will be a lot different than high school.

“The college game is much quicker,” said Brommer. “Hopefully I can come in and play. I hope to contribute anyway possible.”

The big man isn’t shy about his goals, either. He wants to take the Hawkeyes someplace they haven’t been in almost 29 years – the NCAA Final Four.

“I want to get to the Final Four,” Brommer said. “Hopefully we can get there.”