Post-Game Quotes

Dec. 27, 2008

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Western Illinois Head Coach Jim Molinari
“In the second half of games our defense hasn’t been what it’s been, maybe that’s because we use more of the bench. I think that was it. Our defense wasn’t quite as solid, and I thought we didn’t make real good decisions on the offensive end. We had about eight block/charge calls-some were blocks that we got, some were charges. That tells you we didn’t kick the ball early enough and we only had eight assists so I think that was it.”

“I think Todd’s teams looks like Todd now. That’s just credit to him and his staff. They’ve got guys playing with control and great on the defensive end and offensively they’re patient. They play with that spurt in the game.”

“We got the 50/50 calls, we got all the loose 50/50 balls, we made some shots, and I think we controlled the tempo a little better. In the second half they just didn’t let us get any looks at the basket; we had a few that didn’t go down that we needed to go down, and we made some bad decisions.”

Iowa Head Coach Todd Lickliter
“I thought we struggled to keep them off the glass which is a credit to them but disappointing to us because we were out of position and lacked the humility to block out. This could be dangerous in the near future if we decide to play without doing that.”

“Defensively on the perimeter I thought we did a nice job and the post for the most part, especially in the second half. Ball movement was better in the second half and that gave us more opportunities.”

“We finished up the non-conference and I think you get to a point where you at least think you’re ready for conference play. We all know how challenging it is and how enjoyable it can be if you can have some success in this league.”

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