Postgame Quotes - Iowa vs. Bowling Green (Nov. 20, 2009)

Nov. 20, 2009

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NOVEMBER 20, 2009

Iowa Head Coach Todd Lickliter

“I’ve got to tell you, when I looked and saw we only had 12 turnovers, I didn’t believe it. It is encouraging; maybe we can keep cutting back on those. I thought we defended again for the third time in a row, the difference this time was we were able to make shots. This is a very unselfish team, they pass it. I think we played much better basketball, we played much better because we were fairly poised and had good spacing, obviously we shot closer to the way I expect us to shoot it this year.”

On the win
“It was a great win for the guys, they’ve worked hard they are good guys and they care. They executed last game, they fought back, and a kid makes a really tough shot to win so that didn’t affect them tonight. They came back out and went about the game plan and worked. I think this a group that is just going to keep getting better every time they play.”

On Brennan Cougill
“He plays hard. He likes to win. I thought he got the nerves out a little bit at the beginning, I thought he was a bit anxious. He’s got a really good feel for the game. He sees the floor well, he works hard he positions well. We recruited him because we knew he was a good player. The nice thing for these young guys is they are getting a lot of minutes right now, a tough thing is they are getting a lot of minutes right now. They are going to have to learn while they compete.”

On effort
“I know they are going to do that, they care, they are competitors. Think about how poorly we shot last game and it came down to a last second shot. That’s got to tell you this team guards and has great effort–what more can you ask from a group of guys. So tonight they do the same thing and they shoot it in and it is a different game.”

Bowling Green Head Coach Louis Orr

“We’re a work in progress. Our first three games have revealed where we are and where we have to go. We felt like the team that wanted the game the most and could exert their will on the game would have the best chance of winning, and I give Iowa credit. They came out and worked and competed and played like a team that was desperate to win. For us, we’re a team that’s not at that point really aren’t developing. We have to start at the foundation in terms of our team, our competitiveness, and our passion. We use words like courage, toughness, all those things that come from the inside and I think it’s something we have to learn. We have to start with the basics and be able to not have to use those words as part of our identity and right now we’re not there.”

On Iowa
“We knew they would shoot the three even though they haven’t shot it well. We must have been just what the doctor ordered; they were 12-25 from three. They had been shooting 20 percent from three but they shot 27 threes a game. We know Coach Lickliter is a veteran, experienced, very good coach and if he’s allowing a team to shoot that many threes then he must believe they’re going to make them. They space you out and do a good job, and we allowed too much penetration. We tried different defenses and defense has been an Achilles heel this year, and defending the three has also been an Achilles heel. We have a lot of work to do.”

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