Hawkeyes Fall to No. 6 Notre Dame

Jan. 23, 2010

Video interview with A. Dorr

IOWA CITY, IA – The University of Iowa women’s tennis team opened the 2010 season at the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Complex Saturday against No. 6 Notre Dame. The Hawkeyes fell to the Irish 6-1.

Zuzana Chmelarova and Merel Beelen battled in doubles to start the meet. The duo fell to Cosmina Ciobanu and Christine McGaffigan, 8-7. Jessica Young and Kelcie Klockenga also faced a tough opponent in Shannon Mathews and Colleen Rielley, but lost 8-5. Kristy Frilling and Kali Krisik, the No. 12 doubles duo, handed Sonja Molnar and Lynne Poggensee-Wei an 8-1 loss.

“I’m happy with the way we competed today. Our execution wasn’t where we needed it to be to beat a team like Notre Dame,” Head Coach Katie Dougherty said. “We know where we need to make adjustments and we’re going to come out tomorrow and execute and start stronger in both doubles and singles.”

Alexis Dorr was successful today in an exciting match against Kristen Rafael that went to a third set tie-break. Dorr persevered through the intense sets winning, 7-6, 5-7, 10-4. Poggensee-Wei also went to a third set tie-break, but fell to Mathews, 6-4, 2-6, 10-5.

Iowa returns to action tomorrow morning when they face Eastern Michigan. The meet is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.

Singles Competition
1. #30 Kristy Frilling (Notre Dame) def. #65 Sonja Molnar (Iowa) 6-0, 6-3
2. Shannon Mathews (Notre Dame) def. Lynne Poggensee-Wei (Iowa) 6-4, 2-6, 10-5
3. Christine McGaffigan (Notre Dame) def. Zuzi Chmelarova (Iowa) 6-2, 6-1
4. Kali Krisik (Notre Dame) def. Merel Beelen (Iowa) 6-4, 6-1
5. Cosmina Ciobanu (Notre Dame) def. Kelcie Klockenga (Iowa) 6-1, 7-2
6. Alexis Dorr (Iowa) def. Kristen Rafael (Notre Dame) 7-6, 5-7, 10-4

Doubles Competition
1. #12 Kristy Frilling/Kali Krisik (Notre Dame) def. Sonja Molnar/Lynne Poggensee-Wei (Iowa) 8-1
2. Cosmina Ciobanu/Christine McGaffigan (Notre Dame) def. Merel Beelen/Zuzi Chmelarova (Iowa) 8-7
3. Shannon Mathews/Colleen Rielley (Notre Dame) def. Jessica Young/Kelsie Klockenga (Iowa) 8-5