Post-Game Quotes

Jan. 25, 2010

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Iowa Head Coach Todd Lickliter

Opening Statement:
“I think it goes without saying that it’s hard to win in this league, for us it has been. I think it’s really hard to win on the road and that’s well documented. Rightfully so, this crowd is really good. I’ve been impressed with what Indiana is doing in a rebuilding time with the fans and enthusiasm and energy. I was concerned coming in, because it is a tough place to play.

“If you’re going to win, home or road, you have to execute. If you would have told me we would have 21 turnovers and win I wouldn’t have believed you. It goes to say that keeping your composure, staying poised and continuing to guard and rebound are huge.”

On looking inside first, but knocking down three pointers
“It’s an interesting thing, I’ve never been a guy who felt like there was one way to play the game. You have to play the game the way it is dictated to you and you have to be able to do that. I think shooting the three is big for spacing. I think we are capable of doing it. When the floor is spaced and when there is pressure if you can go inside, plus we said this all along, Aaron Fuller is healthier and he is playing the way we know he is capable of playing. He’s got to keep on playing that way and even better, but he is.”

On team growing up and weathering the storm
“I hope so. We were tonight. To assume it would be very dangerous. That’s the beauty of competition, you have to do it every night and you don’t get anything for a previous outing. What you try to do is learn and grow and get better. Tonight, a couple of times they cut into the lead and by the fans reaction, the environment in here, you would have thought they had taken the lead, and extended it and that’s dangerous. You can get deflated. Our guys didn’t do that. They reacted appropriately and kept their composure, and somebody made a play.”

On winning on the road
“It’s hard to win in this league period; we have struggled even at home. With this crowd, there were a couple of times when they cut it to two or four and you would have thought by the reaction of the crowd that they were pulling away from us, which is good, my hat goes off to them. I’m impressed, but our guys were able to weather it and it’s a good experience for them. Especially, you hear how hard it is as a young person, I’ve always thought it’s not quite as important who you play, where you play, when you play, it’s a lot more important how you play. How you play is determined so much by your approach. That doesn’t take anything away from it, it is hard. These environments are terrific; we just played in two of the best in the country, in my opinion, in Michigan State and Indiana.”

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