Iowa Faced Central Florida

March 20, 2010

AUSTIN, TX- The University of Iowa’s rowing team competed against the University of Central Florida this morning at the Longhorn Invitational. The Hawkeyes competed in the Varsity 8’s, Varsity 4’s and Novice 8’s, down a 2000m stretch of Lady Bird Lake.

Iowa started the competition on Saturday and raced against 20mph tailwinds. The Hawkeyes raced strong in the varsity 8’s coming in second, Iowa’s boat of Sheila Rinozzi, Emily Vinson, Caitlin Kuempel, Jessica Novack, Emily Katalinich, Megan Erickson, Katy Kroll, Christine Allingham and Allison Robinson finished with a time of 6:46.9. The Hawkeyes second varsity 8 finished second in their heat with a time of 6:53.8.

“This morning was the exact opposite of yesterday’s races in more than one way,” said Head Coach Mandi Kowal. “We went from a warm day with strong headwinds to a cold day with a roaring tailwind.”

The Hawkeyes continued the competition with one boat of varsity 4’s. The boat of Dani Harris, Annette Allard, Kaitlyn Caffrey, Morgan Finn and Megan Clancy came in second in the event with a time of 7:46.2. Iowa moved on to one boat of novice 8’s and it earned second place with a time of 7:20.5.

“UCF did a better job handling the conditions and it showed in the results.” added Coach Kowal. “The important test will be how we rebound as a group and improve our rowing in these conditions in our afternoon series. “

The Hawkeyes will face the Texas Longhorns later this afternoon.

Final Results

1st Varsity 8’s 1. UCF 6:46.0 2. Iowa 6:46.9

2st Varsity 8’s 1. UCF 6:50.5 2. Iowa 6:53.8

Varsity 4’s 1. UCF 7:38.7 2. Iowa 7:46.2

Novice 8’s 1. UCF 7:04.7 2. Iowa 7:20.5