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Jan. 23, 2011

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Indiana at Iowa
Iowa Player Postgame Quotes

F, Jarryd Cole
On the importance of this win for the younger players…
“It’s really important. They came to Iowa with the mindset that they’re going to come in here and get things done. With a new coach and a new system, these players need to get that confidence and we didn’t get off to the kind of start that we wanted. We finally got that win, so I think it’s going to give them a lot of confidence. We really wanted to get things rolling, so hopefully this can carry on through the rest of the season.”

On being able to get an early lead and maintain it throughout the game
“That was definitely what we focused on for the entire week, to jump out early and keep the lead. We talked about how much better it was to play with the lead rather than to come back. The last few games we got down and wanted to come back when we were down 15 or 20 and needed to play hard. We figured we’d want to jump out early and then play hard from there. It definitely worked out for us.”

On everything adding up for the team to finally get this win…
“Right, our effort was there. We out-rebounded them. We didn’t turn the ball over as much as we have in our losses and things like that. If you can get those lose balls, the 50-50 balls, and outwork the other team, you definitely have a better chance to win the game.”

G, Matt Gatens
On the first Big Ten win of the year..
“This was huge for us and huge for Coach [McCaffery], with his first Big Ten victory, so congrats to him. Great to get this one under our belts so now we can move forward to get off that little skid we were on. Now we can move forward and get another one on Wednesday.”

Can you talk about the importance of Marble going off to open things up for you?
“Yeah, he was doing a great job of attacking the rim. With his pull-up jumper, he does a lot of things to create offense. We always need another guy to do that, it always helps out. Especially when there’s another guy that can handle the ball and bring it up the court for us, he stepped up big for us tonight.”

I thought we played well tonight and finished off a victory. We haven’t been in that position in a while now to fend off a team and get the crowd back into the game, so it was nice to see that. It got ugly there for a while but we finished it off, knocked some free throws down and hopefully this gives us confidence moving forward. We have another tough one Wednesday and a lot more tough ones after that, so we have to keep moving forward.”

Indiana Coach Tom Crean:
Were you surprised by Marble’s performance?
“I think we gave him a lot of opportunity. He did a good job. We gave him too much opportunity to his right hand and drive it and he capitalized on it. “

On the ease of Iowa getting to the rim today:
“We were not good defensively at all. Our transition defense was poor. It was getting so much better, but our big guys were nonexistent in transition defense today. We just weren’t as good as we have been on defense and it just started there. We gave up too much middle drive. We were not as physical as we needed to be. We weren’t as physical at the rim and we didn’t step in and draw charges the way that we should have consistently. We had an all-around bad day defensively for a team that was making a lot of strides defensively. It shouldn’t have been that way.”

On struggling on defense and also not having Hulls shooting a lot:
“It’s a tough day all-around. We have to wait to come out for a second warm-up because Hulls is in the bathroom throwing up. He has been sick the last couple of days. We are asking a lot of him and he gives us everything he possibly has. I’m not going to fault him for a bad shooting day. I didn’t like his defense that’s for sure. We don’t have a star of the game defensively right now. I promise you that. We just can’t be that way. We spend too much time at this and we worked too hard at getting the defensive one-one right, the rotations right, and the transition defensive right. We haven’t played that way the past couple of weeks. It just wasn’t good enough today all-across the board. “

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