Hawkeyes Place 7th at Big Ten Championships

May 13, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS — The University of Iowa women’s rowing team finished seventh overall with 29 points at the 2012 Big Ten Championships Sunday morning. Michigan won the Big Ten title with 147 points, two points ahead of last years champion, Ohio State (145).

The Hawkeyes raced all six Big Ten teams down a 2,000-meter course at Eagle Creek Park. Five of the seven rowing crews were ranked in the CRCA/US Rowing Coaches poll as of April 25. Ohio State (4), Michigan (5), Wisconsin (9), Michigan State (14), and Minnesota (18) all fall on the list.

The 2nd Varsity 8 boat posted a sixth place finish in the event. The boat raced in a time of 6:49.184 and finished ahead of Indiana (6:52.208). Iowa’s Varsity 8 crew finished seventh in its race with a time of 6:47.587.

Iowa’s Varsity 4 and 2nd Varsity 4 crews captured seventh place finishes. The Varsity 4 boat finished in a time of 7:42.757, which was less than a second behind Indiana’s (7:42.012) sixth place finish. The 2nd Varsity 8 boat crossed the finishing line with a time of 8:04.831.

The Novice 8 and 2nd Novice 8 boats both finished seventh in their events. The Novice 8 boat raced in a time of 7:17.672, while the 2nd Novice 8 finished in 7:17.599.

Annemarie Bernhard was named All-Big Ten First Team and Katy Kroll landed on the All-Big Ten Second Team. Sarah Radke earned the Sportsmanship Award, which is given to those who have demonstrated the ideals of sportsmanship, which are fairness, civility, honesty, unselfishness, respect and responsibility.

“All year long the varsity has done a good job making necessary changes and finding new physical limits,” said Head Coach Mandi Kowal. “As we were about to race in the strongest Big Ten field to date, I told them this would be no different, It was time to push yourself one more time beyond your limits. As a result, the V4 and 2V8 posted their fastest time in the spring. I was pleased with their intensity from start to finish. The 2V8 came close to upsetting Michigan State. The Varsity 8 had their most complete race of the season and they left it all on the course. In addition, we closed the margin on many of the crews we have raced this spring. This day has provided a new level of motivation for the coming summer months.”

Final Team Standings
1. Michigan 147
2. Ohio State 145
3. Wisconsin 122
4. Michigan State 80
5. Minnesota 77
6. Indiana 44
7. Iowa 29

Sportsmanship Awards: Asja Zero (Indiana), Sarah Radke (Iowa), Kate Grimaldi (Michigan), Jocelyn Smith (Michigan State), Sara Baldvins (Minnesota), Katie King (Ohio State), Jane Roberts (Wisconsin)

All-Big Ten First Team: Asja Zero (Indiana), Annemarie Bernhard (Iowa), Julia Darnton (Michigan), Emily Eiffert (Michigan), Felice Mueller (Michigan), Amanda McGeachie (Michigan State), Molly Kalmore (Minnesota), Ulrike Denker (Ohio State), Emily Walsh (Ohio State), Vanessa Kleiss (Wisconsin)

All-Big Ten Second Team: Cara Donley (Indiana), Katy Kroll (Iowa), Lindsey Healy (Michigan), Melisa Ongun (Michigan), Michelle Neuder (Michigan State), Alyssa Haws (Minnesota), Claire-Louise Bode (Ohio State), Ilse Paulis (Ohio State), Kate Mansfield (Wisconsin), Amy Slesar (Wisconsin)


First Varsity Eight: Michigan (6:24.350), Ohio State (6:29.809), Wisconsin (6:33.939), Michigan State (6:34.201), Minnesota (6:39.881), Indiana (6:40.533), Iowa (6:47.587)

Second Varsity Eight: Michigan (6:26.826), Ohio State (6:32.025), Wisconsin (6:37.349), Minnesota (6:38.630), Michigan State (6:47.922), Iowa (6:49.184), Indiana (6:52.208)

First Varsity Four: Ohio State (7:01.815), Wisconsin (7:14.185), Michigan (7:16.530), Michigan State (7:20.210), Minnesota (7:20.724), Indiana (7:42.012), Iowa (7:42.757)

Second Varsity Four: Ohio State (7:12.916), Michigan (7:22.496), Wisconsin (7:27.082), Minnesota (7:29.483), Michigan State (7:37.489), Indiana (7:50.541), Iowa (8:04.831)

First Novice Eight: Ohio State (6:40.677), Wisconsin (6:46.278), Michigan (6:52.348), Indiana (6:53.786), Minnesota (7:01.986), Michigan State (7:06.852), Iowa (7:17.672)

Second Novice Eight: Wisconsin (6:45.559), Ohio State (6:49.145), Michigan (7:00.499), Michigan State (7:04.069), Minnesota (7:09.659), Indiana (7:10.599), Iowa (7:17.599)