10 Questions with Taylor Tamblyn

Sept. 23, 2015



IOWA CITY, IowaTaylor Tamblyn, a four-time all-state and all-conference team captain as a senior from Kenilworth Illinois is making her first career start as a Hawkeye in South Carolina at the Furman Fall Classic. Hawkeyesports.com had the chance to catch up with her to discuss the upcoming season.


What was the main reason for choosing Iowa?
“I really liked the coaches. I knew a couple of the girls on the team before, and I loved the whole atmosphere of the Big Ten and everything about it.”

How have you adjusted to Iowa City life?
“It was pretty easy actually. I was concerned about doing everything on my own, but it is going really well and I’m really happy.”

How have your teammates helped you with the transition?
“There a lot of rules that the team has, and the upperclassmen have been really good about telling me those rules, so I don’t have to guess everything.”

What is your favorite thing about Iowa City?
“I love the school and the atmosphere; I love how everyone wears Iowa stuff all the time and has school spirit. I also like how there’s a little downtown, but there is also a really nice campus and everything is easy to get to.”

What are your goals going into your first season as a Hawkeye?
“To make the lineup and make an impact on the team, and also to be as much of a leader as I can be, even as a freshman. I want to be a team player.”

Are you excited about the upcoming Furman Fall Classic?
“It’ll be a lot of fun because it is my first real college match. I’ve only done juniors and I’ve heard college tennis is a lot of fun, so I am really looking forward to it.”

What do you typically do before a match? Routine?
“I just warm up, I usually don’t talk too much. I like to calm myself down and focus.”

What is one thing you miss most from home?
“I miss my family and friends of course, but also my car and being able to go wherever I want, whenever.”

What is your favorite hobby or thing to do besides tennis and school?
“I really like to travel with family and friends.”

What is your favorite holiday?
“My birthday.”

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