Metcalf's Olympic Bid Stalls at U.S. Olympic Team Trials

April 9, 2016

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    IOWA CITY, Iowa — Four-time United States World Team member Brent Metcalf was bounced from the 2016 United States Olympic Wrestling Team Trials after consecutive losses Saturday at Carver-Hawkeye Arena.


    Metcalf, who entered the tournament as the top seed at 65 kg, was denied a spot on the U.S. Olympic team with a 3-3 criteria loss to Frank Molinaro in his opening match. Metcalf scored on a pushout and a pair of passivity points, but Molinaro scored on a pushout and came out of a flurry with a two-point move that proved to be the difference in criteria.

    “I don’t feel like I showed up today,” Metcalf said. “I felt motivated and I felt good. You just have to score points, you have to score points.”

    The loss ended Metcalf’s three-year run on top of the United States’ weight class. Since losing in the finals of the 2012 Olympic Trials he has been the country’s best in his division. He’s represented Team USA at three straight World Championships, and said after today’s second loss, a 9-7 defeat to Jayson Ness, that he will do some reflecting before deciding on his future.

    “There is still a lot of fight in me, my body is strong,” Metcalf said. “I tell people I feel like a 24-year-old, I really do. There are no injuries, I’m not banged up, so I have to figure out why the guy who wrestled today wasn’t really the guy who I am. If I can change that and get back to smart, strong, stingy, you score, they shoot, you score, I shoot, I score, Gable philosophy, just tighten it up, go win, then I can certainly have what I want. Or maybe it’s just not in the cards and that’s something I will have to come to face with.”

    Two more Hawkeye Wrestling Club members were eliminated in Saturday’s challenge tournament and denied an appearance in Saturday night’s finals and consolation finals.

    Three-time Hawkeye All-American Bobby Telford was 1-2 in his Olympic Trials debut at 125 kg, and Lauren Louive was 1-2 at 58 kg.

    Saturday night’s finals, which air live on NBC Sports, begin at 6 p.m. (CT). Nine of Team USA’s 18 Olympic roster spots will be decided. The other nine weight classes compete Sunday beginning at 9 a.m. at Carver-Hawkeye Arena

    65 KG — Frank Molinaro (Nittany Lion Wrestling Club) win by criteria Brent Metcalf (NYAC/HWC), 3-3
    65 KG — Jayson Ness (MN Storm) dec. Brent Metcalf (NYAC/HWC), 9-7
    WM 58 KG — Randi Beltz (TMWC) tech. fall Lauren Louive (HWC), 13-2
    WM 58 KG — Lauren Louive (HWC) pinned Axa Molina (Lindenwood Women’s Wrestling Club), fall 1:59
    WM 58 KG — Natalia Hinojo (Oklahoma City) pinned Lauren Louive (HWC), fall 3:33
    FS 125 KG — Justin Grant (NYAC) dec. Bobby Telford (TMWC/HWC), 6-3
    FS 125 KG — Bobby Telford (TMWC/HWC) win by forfeit Tyrell Fortune (TMWC)
    FS 125 KG — Bobby Telford (TMWC/HWC) vs. Connor Medbery (TMWC), 11-0
    FS 125 KG — Nick Gwiazdowski dec. Bobby Telford (TMWC/HWC), 5-0
    Session I Attendance: 10,855
    Session II Attendance: 11,066

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