The Hawkeye Women: RISE podcast highlights the past, present, and future of Iowa women’s sports. It will highlight the remarkable stories and incredible accomplishments, both in competition and in life. This podcast will allow listeners to feel inspired by stories of adversity overcome. This will celebrate Iowa women’s athletics and empower.

Together, Hawkeye Women: RISE.

Upcoming Podcast Schedule and Special Guests

Join us for the RISE Podcast recordings

The monthly podcast will be recorded live at The Iowa Athletic Club, 200 E 9th Street, Coralville, Iowa at Noon CT. We welcome all fans and supporters of Hawkeye women’s sports to attend. Fan questions will be part of the format.

Special Guests:
Lisa Cellucci, Head Field Hockey Coach
Beth Goetz, Interim Henry B. and Patricia B. Tippie Director of Athletics Chair

Special Guest: TBA

Special Guest: TBA

Previous Podcasts

Special Guests:
Clarissa Chun, Head Women’s Wrestling Coach
Dave Dilanni, Head Women’s Soccer Coach

Special Guest: Lisa Bluder, P. Sue Beckwith, MD, Head Women’s Basketball Coach

Goals of the Hawkeye Women RISE Podcast:

R – Raise awareness for Hawkeye women’s sports.
I – Inspire Hawkeye women’s supporters.
S – Support Hawkeye women’s sports.
E – Empower past and present Hawkeye women’s athletes and supporters.

Hawkeye Women: RISE is a transformational initiative to advocate for, and support Iowa women's athletics. Together, we will build facilities, create endowments, and invest in our female student-athletes. The goal is to assist the women’s teams to build championship-caliber programs, that ensure our Iowa student-athletes are ready to be the next generation of leaders upon graduation.

Hawkeye Women RISE Mission