May 21, 2006

Nebraska Head Coach Rhonda Revelle
“I think that when this year started, Nebraska softball wasn’t being talked about at all. To finish this year at 44-12, I’m really proud of the senior class. If you look at Cal today, they had a sense of purpose, mission, and drive. When they were up to bat and got an opening they got a killer instinct. That level of performance today was higher than ours. I’m not taking anything away from our team, but I think there’s a level of expectancy that goes along with a program as successful as theirs.”

(On California pitcher, Kristina Thorson)
“She’s fabulous. She has great movement. I call her the right handed Cat because she has great movement. She’s a tremendous competitor and puts on her game face both figuratively and literally. You can face a great team but when you face a great pitcher it’s a whole different element. We were facing a great pitcher today and I think she’s one of the top three in the country.”

California Head Coach Diane Ninemire
“Today was a great day for Cal in a real championship game against a top team like Nebraska who played top defense and had some great hitters on their team.Today we got a great performance from Kristina Thorson; she had 13 strikeouts.Our seniors led the way in the fourth inning with Christina James and Haley Wood getting things going for us and were just able to build on that. We played some good defense today and had some timely hits in key situations and were able to score some runs and win the game today.”

California Pitcher Kristina Thorson
How does being a pitcher in the Pac10 help you when it comes to the post-season?”The Pac10 is one of the toughest conferences in the nation and has arguably some of the best hitters in the nation so every batter you face has the potential to hit the ball out and do some damage; it forces a pitcher to stay that much more focused mentally. You have to hit your spots in order to be successful in the Pac10.”

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