Ambrose, Erekson Win Titles

Dec. 8, 2007

DUBUQUE, IA — University of Iowa junior Dan Erekson (Hwt.) and freshman Brodie Ambrose (197) won individual titles while competing unattached at the Jim Fox Open Saturday in Dubuque, IA.

Iowa recorded a total of 13 placewinners at the tournament – eight of whom were competing unattached. Placing at the event were Hawkeye junior Michael Fahrer (165-4th), sophomores Luke Lofthouse (197-3rd) and Derek Coorough (141-5th), redshirt freshmen Matt Ballweg (149-2nd), Brooks Kopsa (157-2nd) and Aaron Janssen (165-3rd), and true freshmen Montell Marion (133-2nd), Vinnie Wagner (184-2nd), Blake Rasing (Hwt. – 2nd), Jordan Johnson (197-5th) and Tyler Halverson (133-6th).

The fourth-ranked Hawkeyes (4-0) will face top-ranked intra-state rival Iowa State (6-0) Sunday at 2 p.m. at Hilton Coliseum (9,000) in Ames. The dual meet is sold out, and will be aired live on Iowa Public Television.

133 Pounds
Montell Marion (UNA-Iowa) maj. dec. Josh Malott (William Penn), 19-8
Montell Marion (UNA-Iowa) pinned Travell Miller (Upper Iowa), 3:14
Montell Marion (UNA-Iowa) maj. dec. Tyler Halverson (UNA-Iowa), 15-6
Trevor Franklin (UNA-Upper Iowa) dec. Montell Marion (UNA-Iowa), 11-10

Tyler Halverson (UNA-Iowa) dec. Erik Senescu (Wisconsin), 7-5
Montell Marion (UNA-Iowa) maj. dec. Tyler Halverson (UNA-Iowa), 15-6
Josh Malott (William Penn) dec. Tyler Halverson (UNA-Iowa), 6-2
Mark Schultz (Dubuque) dec. Tyler Halverson (UNA-Iowa), 5-4

141 Pounds
Derek Coorough (Iowa) pinned Myron Vath (Unattached), 1:03
Derek Coorough (Iowa) dec. Chase DeCleene (Wisc.-Stevens Point), 6-1
Dalton Jensen (UNA-Iowa St.) pinned Derek Coorough (Iowa), 1:13
Joey Demarie (Iowa St.) dec. Derek Coorough (Iowa), 3-1
Derek Coorough (Iowa) maj. dec. Jon Gonzales (UNA-Upper Iowa), 18-6

Matt Bakalars (William Penn) dec. Ethan Sebert (UNA-Iowa), 6-4
Ethan Sebert (UNA-Iowa) pinned Dan Sneider (Wisconsin), 5:37
Ethan Sebert (UNA-Iowa) dec. J.R. Baker (Upper Iowa), 10-5
Chase DeCleene (Wisc.-Stevens Point) tech. fall Ethan Sebert (UNA-Iowa), 17-0, 6:00

149 Pounds
Matt Ballweg (Iowa) tech. fall Dan Rivers (Wisconsin), 17-1, 6:00
Matt Ballweg (Iowa) dec. Trevor Kittleson (N. Iowa), 3-2
Matt Ballweg (Iowa) maj. dec. Edgar Haynes (William Penn), 14-1
Nick Pickerell (N. Iowa) dec. Matt Ballweg (Iowa), 3-2

157 Pounds
Brooks Kopsa (Iowa) pinned Brock Bowman (Upper Iowa), 4:38
Brooks Kopsa (Iowa) maj .dec. Seth Pugh (N. Iowa), 12-2
Brooks Kopsa (Iowa) dec. Brad Kruse (Iowa St.), 12-5
Gabe Stoppelmoor (Wisconsin) dec. Brooks Kopsa (Iowa), 7-6

Stew Gillmor (UNA-Iowa) maj. dec. Kyle Kuedtke (Wisc.-Platteville), 14-4
Brad Kruse (Iowa St.) dec. Stew Gillmor (UNA-Iowa), 9-8
Stew Gillmor (UNA-Iowa) pinned Darrell Rohe (Unattached), 1:23
Seth Pugh (N. Iowa) dec. Stew Gillmor (UNA-Iowa), 9-2

165 Pounds
Aaron Janssen (Iowa) tech. fall Scott Soukup (Loras), 15-0, 3:32
Aaron Janssen (Iowa) dec. Chris Brown (Wis.-Stevens Point), 7-4
Luke Manuel (UNA-Purdue) dec. Aaron Janssen (Iowa), 2-0
Aaron Janssen (Iowa) maj. dec. Jon Terronez (Buena Vista), 13-2
Aaron Janssen (Iowa) dec. Michael Fahrer (Iowa), 7-0

Ean Stephens (Unattached) maj. dec. Michael Fahrer (Iowa), 9-0
Michael Fahrer (Iowa) pinned Chris Diez (UNA-William Penn), 1:14
Michael Fahrer (Iowa) dec. Chris Brown (Wis.-Stevens Point), 7-0
Michael Fahrer (Iowa) pinned Aaron Palacios (William Penn), 5:58
Michael Fahrer (Iowa) maj. dec. Andrew Sorenson (UNA-Iowa St.), 13-5
Aaron Janssen (Iowa) dec. Michael Fahrer (Iowa), 7-0

Andrew Sorenson (UNA-Iowa St.) dec. Weston Marling (UNA-Iowa), 10-4
Weston Marling (UNA-Iowa) dec. Micah Casper (UNA-N. Iowa), 4-2
Joe Nichols (William Penn) pinned Weston Marling (UNA-Iowa), 5:22

184 Pounds
Vinnie Wagner (UNA-Iowa) tech. fall Stephan Swart (Upper Iowa), 18-3, 5:35
Vinnie Wagner (UNA-Iowa) dec. Scott Hazen (N. Iowa), 5-4
Dan Dunning (N. Iowa) dec. Vinnie Wagner (UNA-Iowa), 3-2

197 Pounds
Brodie Ambrose (UNA-Iowa) dec. Arron Cramer (UNA-Upper Iowa), 6-2
Brodie Ambrose (UNA-Iowa) dec. Pat Mahan (UNA-N. Iowa), 5-2
Brodie Ambrose (UNA-Iowa) dec. Brandon Jochem (Wisc.-Stevens Point), 8-3
Brodie Ambrose (UNA-Iowa) dec. Calyn Hull (Wisconsin), 4-3

Luke Lofthouse (UNA-Iowa) pinned Karl Spain (William Penn), 5:29
Calyn Hull (Wisconsin) dec. Luke Lofthouse (UNA-Iowa), 3-2
Luke Lofthouse (UNA-Iowa) dec. Jordan Johnson (UNA-Iowa), 7-5
Luke Lofthouse (UNA-Iowa) pinned Brandon Jochem (Wisc.-Stevens Point), 5:41

Calyn Hull (Wisconsin) dec. Jordan Johnson (UNA-Iowa), 8-6
Jordan Johnson (UNA-Iowa) dec. Pat Mahan (UNA-N. Iowa), 5-2
Jordan Johnson (UNA-Iowa) pinned Jeremy Hjelmeland (Buena Vista), 2:49
Luke Lofthouse (UNA-Iowa) dec. Jordan Johnson (UNA-Iowa), 7-5
Jordan Johnson (UNA-Iowa) maj. dec. Alex Schmidt (Upper Iowa), 19-5

Dan Erekson (UNA-Iowa) pinned Jordan Hein (Wisconsin), 3:30
Dan Erekson (UNA-Iowa) pinned Jeremy Klein (Loras), 1:17
Dan Erekson (UNA-Iowa) pinned Dallas O’Malley (UNA-Iowa St.), 3:57
Dan Erekson (UNA-Iowa) dec. Blake Rasing (UNA-Iowa), 2-0

Blake Rasing (UNA-Iowa) maj. dec. Nick Hagen (Dubuque), 11-1
Blake Rasing (UNA-Iowa) dec. Kyle Simonson (UNA-Iowa St.), 3-2
Blake Rasing (UNA-Iowa) dec. Christian Brantley (UNA-N. Iowa), 11-9 TB-1
Dan Erekson (UNA-Iowa) dec. Blake Rasing (UNA-Iowa), 2-0

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