Postgame Quotes

May 18, 2008

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Head Coach Ehren Earleywine
Opening statement
“Obviously it was a very exciting game and the most important thing that a coach wants from his players is just that they compete and don’t ever give up. I think today was the perfect example because the crowd was tremendous for Iowa. They had a dramatic comeback in the seventh with a three-run home run and they fought really hard and you’ve gotta give them credit. I was just amazed that we were able to overcome that momentum swing and get a couple runs ourself to win the game. It was just an amazing gut-check for our players and I’m so proud of them for their effort.”

On the two-run infield fly in the first-inning
“She said she didn’t run into her and I was about five-feet away from her the play and they called it right. It’s an unfortunate play for Iowa and I’m sure they hoped there was some interference there, but there really wasn’t. I’m glad there wasn’t and that they called it the way that they did because you would hate for there to be interference and for them not to call it. I would’ve hated for us to win unfairly.”

Andee Allen
On hitting the game-winning single
“I knew they were going to give me something to hit. I was actually a little frustrated that I swung at the first pitch and it was not a strike, but I knew I was going to get a pitch to hit with the bases loaded with nowhere else to go. Just wanted to hit the ball hard somewhere; if anything, deep into the outfield to get Rhea [Taylor] the tag, but I was just looking for a good pitch and hit it as hard as I could.”

Stacey Delaney
On watching the bottom half of the seventh-inning
“I was very excited for each and every one of our girls. We always say that we have each others’ backs and that’s what they had to today. Going into the seventh with two outs and giving up the home run, I kinda felt like crap, but then I knew get that next out and let our offense do their job.”


Head Coach Gayle Blevins
Opening Statement
“I can’t tell you how very proud I am of our team. It was just an amazing demonstration of character and effort and passion and purpose the entire game. The crowd certainly helped us. It was tough to get down there in the first-inning 3-0, but I’m just incredibly proud of the effort that I saw from our team. We never ever quit. We never quit and there was just such strong purpose.”

“What you saw was a team that played with more heart and purpose than probably about 90 percent of the teams that play in this game have.”

On how she felt about her team heading into the postseason
“I feel very strongly that we could’ve been there this year. We were playing our best ball here down the stretch. Our very best ball and from a coaching standpoint that’s something that you always want to do to hope that you’re playing your best at the end of the season as you’re making your run into the postseason.”

Chelsey Carmody
On hitting her three-run home run in the seventh inning
“It was very exciting. Actually, Summer [Downs] told me to do that so I have to give credit to her. She called that pitch for me. She said I wouldn’t mind one up the middle or over the fence the fence would be fine too.”

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