Weil Named

July 20, 2009

IOWA CITY – Recent graduate Brittany Weil of the University of Iowa softball team has been chosen as a “Remarkable” figure on the UI campus.

Brittany Weil knows as well as anyone that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” writes Sara Epstein Monin of the University Relations office.

“The Hawkeye softball pitcher was hit in the head by a line drive during practice her sophomore year at Iowa, an injury that her doctor says could have killed her had the ball hit just one centimeter lower. Despite the gravity of the injury, which required her to relearn basic language skills, Weil returned to the team. After missing 24 games in recovery, she joined the lineup and recorded double-digit strikeouts in each of her first three starts.”

Weil also describes what drew her to the University of Iowa.

“When I took a recruiting trip to see what the Midwest was like, I fell in love with the Iowa campus and the people,” says Weil, who selected the Hawkeyes over the University of Arizona, Ohio State University, and the University of Washington. “Being so far away was a challenge, but if I had stayed closer to home, I would not have had the same experience.”

“Be Remarkable” is the message of a campaign to share the achievements and opportunities that define the University of Iowa.

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