Two Gymnasts Advance to Event Finals for No. 10 Iowa

April 1, 2011

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CHAMPAIGN, Illinois – The University of Iowa men’s gymnastics team placed sixth in the team competition of the Big Ten Championships on Friday Night in Champaign, Ill. The tenth-ranked Hawkeyes finished with a team score of 339.300, and pushed two gymnasts through to the individual event finals on Saturday.

Two Hawkeye gymnasts that have paced the team all season long moved on for Iowa against tough competition, as senior Mike Jiang and sophomore Matt McGrath will compete Saturday for a chance to earn all-Big Ten honors.

McGrath advanced for Iowa with the team’s highest finish of the night, placing fifth on floor exercise. McGrath’s routine scored a 14.750. After breaking the school record on floor exercise earlier this season with a 15.500, a score that would have been good enough to tie for first Friday, McGrath will head to the individual event finals with confidence. McGrath is ranked seventh in the nation on the event.

Jiang moved on to compete Saturday with an eighth place finish on pommel horse after his routine netted him a score of 14.300. Jiang is no stranger to post-season success on the event after earned All-American honors last season on pommel horse with a seventh place finish nationally. Jiang is ranked 12th in the nation on the event.

Iowa also had a pair of sophomores finish strongly, as Javier Balboa and Broderick Shemansky added 12th place finishes.

Balboa placed 12th on parallel bars with a 14.150 to lead Iowa on the event. McGrath wasn’t far behind, placing 13th with a 14.100.

Shemansky’s 12th place finish came on horizontal bar, an event Shemansky has grown into a team leader on. Shemansky scored a 14.000.

Junior Zach Cazabon also placed 15th on pommel horse with a season best score of 13.850. Freshman Samuel Wright also added an 18th place finish on horizontal bar with a score of 13.800. Sophomore Anton Gryshayev placed 18th on pommel horse with a score of 13.700.

The individual event finals will begin at 7 p.m. Saturday. First place finishers on each event and the top six all-around finishers are named all-Big Ten. Second place finishers on each event are named to the second team all-Big Ten. Saturday’s action will also be televised live on Big Ten Network.

2011 BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIPSTeam Standings1.  No. 3 Illinois, 355.5002.  No. 6 Michigan, 352.7503.  No. 8 Ohio State, 350.0004.  No. 5 Penn State, 349.0005.  No. 7 Minnesota, 344.4006.  No. 10 IOWA, 339.300
Individual Event ResultsFLOOR EXERCISE1. Chad Wiest (ILL), 15.5002. Tyler Mizoguchi (ILL), 15.2503. Warren Yang (PSU), 15.2005. Matt McGrath (IOWA)=",%2014.75020.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Ben Ketelsen (IOWA)=",%2014.25027.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Timm Krueger (IOWA)=",%2013.85028.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Samuel Wright (IOWA)=",%2013.800%3Cbr%3EPOMMEL%20HORSE1.%20Daniel%20Ribeiro%20(ILL),%2015.8502.%20Adam%20Hamers%20(Mich),%2015.5003.%20Yoshi%20Mori%20(ILL),%2014.7508.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Mike Jiang (IOWA)=",%2014.30015.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Zach Cazabon (IOWA)=",%2013.85018.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Anton Gryshayev (IOWA)=",%2013.70019.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Ben Ketelsen (IOWA)=",%2013.600%3Cbr%3ESTILL%20RINGS1.%20Brandon%20Wynn%20(OSU),%2016.1502.%20Miguel%20Pineda%20(PSU),%2015.6003.%20Scott%20Rosenthal%20(PSU),%2015.40021.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Angelo Bronzino (IOWA)=",%2014.10023.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">John Haines (IOWA)=",%2014.00023.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Broderick Shemansky (IOWA)=",%2014.00029.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Matt McGrath (IOWA)=",%2013.500%3Cbr%3EVAULT1.%20Zach%20Chase%20(Minn),%2016.4002.%20Tyler%20Mizoguchi%20(ILL),%2016.3003.%20Mike%20Behles%20(OSU),%2016.15020.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Todd Becker (IOWA)=",%2015.60023.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Javier Balboa (IOWA)=",%2015.50031.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Ben Ketelsen (IOWA)=",%2015.25032.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Matt McGrath (IOWA)=",%2015.200%3Cbr%3EPARRALELL%20BARS1.%20Syque%20Caesar%20(Mich),%2015.4002.%20C.J.%20Padera%20(ILL),%2014.9003.%20Sam%20Mikulak%20(Mich),%2014.80012.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Javier Balboa (IOWA)=",%2014.15013.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Matt McGrath (IOWA)=",%2014.10025.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Broderick Shemansky (IOWA)=",%2013.60030.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Jack McClay (IOWA)=",%2013.15030.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Mike Jiang (IOWA)=",%2013.150%3Cbr%3EHORIZONTAL%20BAR1.%20Ian%20Makowske%20(Mich),%2015.2002.%20Austin%20Phillips%20(ILL),%2015.0502.%20Kris%20Done%20(OSU),%2015.05012.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Broderick Shemansky (IOWA)=",%2014.00018.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Samuel Wright (IOWA)=",%2013.80019.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Ben Ketelsen (IOWA)=",%2013.75020.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Javier Balboa (IOWA)=",%2013.50020.%20%3Cstrong%3E%3Cahref="http:"="">Zach Cazabon (IOWA)=",%2013.500%3Cbr%3E%3Cbr%3E%3C/pre%3E%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%3Cdiv%20style="text-align: center">