Softball Countdown: Haley Hansel

Jan. 10, 2013

Softball Countdown: Haley Hansel

In our countdown to the start of the 2013 softball season, we will feature all 24 Hawkeyes over the next month.

Haley Hansel is a freshman from Overland Park, Kan. The former Blue Valley Southwest High School standout wears No. 22 for the Hawkeyes. The outfielder competed on the Demarini Zephyrs Gold 16U-18U team.

Iowa opens the season Feb. 8 in Houston, Texas. The Hawkeyes face Lipscomb and UT Arlington at the Hilton Houston Plaza Classic.

What was the key factor in your recruitment that led you to Iowa City and the Hawkeye softball program?
“I loved the atmosphere on campus. My family is from Iowa and my mom went to school here, so there was definitely some family history. Also, I could tell that this program had set goals for itself and everyone was working very hard, and I was eager to be part of an organization like that.”

What is the team goal for 2013?
“The team goal for this season has been the same sense our first meeting in August. It is a goal that the returners set for this team after their season ended last year. Our goal is to become Big Ten champions.”

What are your individual goals for the upcoming season?
“My individual goals for this season are to continue to improve my consistency, both offensively and defensively. On top of that, I am looking to further improve my base running ability via my speed.”

How is your academic path coming along?
“My academic path is going well. I am majoring in journalism and have been fortunate enough to take classes within that field. I have also been working to finish up the general education courses that I still need to complete.”

Who is the most influential person in your life?
“The most influential person in my life is my dad. He has been there throughout my entire softball career and he is always there to talk things over with me. Whether I need a little motivation, or I just need to regain my footing, he never seems to miss a beat.”

What is your first softball memory?
“The earliest memory that I have of softball is not really of softball at all, but more specifically, tee ball. I have very vivid memories of the tee ball practices that my dad ran. I also remember one of the games that I played that year and I remember being able to play first base during that game, which is important to note because that may have also been the last time I was ever asked to play first in a game.”

What is your favorite kind of candy?
“I am definitely not picky when it comes to candy, but I have a soft spot for caramel Hershey Kisses.”

Do you have any hobbies?
“I wouldn’t consider it a hobby exactly, but I do love to read in my free time.”

What is your favorite TV show?
“How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory.”

What is your favorite place to be on campus?
“My favorite place to visit between classes is the Adler Journalism Building. It’s a perfect place to sit back and study or relax.”

What is your favorite movie?
“As overused as it probably is, I would have to say The Notebook.”

Is there another talent you wish you had?
“I would wish for the ability to sing.”

What is your favorite music?
“The music on my iPod is pretty eclectic; I will listen to almost anything. The only genre of music that I almost never listen to is country.”

What is your most memorable softball memory?
“One of my most memorable and recent memories was when my club team got second place in Colorado this past summer. It was a long rode and there were a lot of injuries, but we overcame that. Aside from that, I think that some of my most important memories were off the field because that’s when a team really does become a family.”